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The folk and the feuds of Danigau

[top]The Royal Family of Danigau

The royal family of Danigau traces its ancestry in an unbroken line back to Aduria, it is famous for its wizards and generals and bears one of the strongest bloodlines in Brechtür.

[top]Servitors of the House Danig

Many servants and courtiers fill the halls of Blackgate and fight on the nation's frontiers, here are a few of the most important.

[top]Sera's Perfekt Symmetry

The ancient church of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry is found up and down the western reaches of Brechtür, it preaches a strong doctrine of self reliance, but also the value of a hard working community. A number of temples belong to the Church, including temples of Erik, Laerme, and Cuiraécen.

[top]The White Hand of Kriestal

The secret church of Kriestal winnows out the weak and manipulates the strong as the Goddess of Storms and Winter demands. Led by the sinister Ice Lady, the White Hand's influence is far more pervasive in the north of Danigau than most think. To the common Daniger the church's existence is simply a fable, an ancient aberration that passed into history and myth long ago. These people know nothing of the White Hand of Kriestal and believe the temples in which they pray to be members of the Independent Churches of Sera, a breakaway faction of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry led by old Father Baen.

[top]The Burgundy Tolsted

One of Danigau's two guilds, the Burgundy Tolsted is led by Ilse Redbedtehr and is noted for its mining, metal work and gemcutting. It trades heavily with the wilder Brecht and Rjurik lands, importing wood and selling fine tools and the like in return.

[top]Burgundy Slepsid

The second of Danigau's guilds, the Burgundy Slepsid focuses on trade in foodstuffs, cloths, and luxury goods. It trades heavily with the Basin States, in particularly with Müden, breadbasket of Brechtür.


[top]Hansen family, Grafschaft of Blackgate

Since the death of Britter, the previous Graf a few years ago the family seat has been empty as various relatives and Britter?s innumerable offspring fight over who has the best claim.
The family?s interest are currently (mis)managed by a family council and include a substantial amount of property in and around the city, the ownership of a number of fishing boats rented to sailors and shares in a large number of shops ? the family has traditionally acted as money lenders to craftsmen and small holders who needed capital to operate their trade in return for a share of future profits.

[top]Baen family, Grafschaft of Caebstrech

Family Baen is a wealthy family with a somewhat eclectic collection of interests in farming, weaving, and gem cutting. The family is deeply traditional and can be counted on to oppose changes in the way things are done and support the Pfalzgraf at all times, traditionally the males go into the army or priesthood while the women run the family?s finances and political interests.

[top]Neblinger family, Grafschaft of Evershrüden

The Neblinger?s are noted for producing magicians ? there is usually one in each generation. As the Pfalzgrafen of Danigau are traditionally trained to at least some degree in wizardry the families have long been close.
Financially the family finances expeditions to find mineral wealth, pays for the initial prospecting and mining and then charges prospectors to make use of the mines. The family are only minimally blooded ? typically only the heir has sufficient bloodline strength for it too be measurable, and then only after they are invested by their predecessor. Quite what will happen if bloodtheft should rob them of their only bloodline is uncertain.

[top]Kant family, Grafschaft of Kantswach

The province with by far the lowest population, Kantswach, is also the poorest. Occasionally raided by goblins the main foes of the Danigers are the terrible winters and the rare ogres in the mountains.
A rugged independent province a pass exists through the mountains to Jharvild in Kvigmar and many of the people have a Rjurik influence. From time to time the ?north road? is even repaired/rebuilt.
The local ruler is Graf Morritz Kant a descendant of the original Kant who colonized this area for Wulf Danig.

[top]Meissan family, Grafschaft of Hoklep

A century ago Dekker Meissan, the first son of the Graf traveled to the Imperial City to study magic at the College of Sorcery, he came back with spells unknown in Brechtür as hoped, but also with an unexpected extra ? a pregnant wife.
To the horror of the great and good of Danigau, Dekker refused to accept the obvious fact that his wife Ivinie Cake of Bhrein, no matter how beautiful or esteemed her Anuirean pedigree, was simply not a member of the Brecht nobility. Dekker?s mother died of the shame within a season and his father collapsed shortly after.With no other adult members of the Meissan family, Dekker became the Graf.
Ever since the family has been something of an outcast, its members rarely taken seriously and never entrusted with anything of real value. To this day Pfalzgraf Eric Danig sees it as a personal affront that the victory of Wulf Danig over Michael Roele has been tarnished by the Meissan family?s Anuirean blood.
The Meissen family tends towards magic and Anuire, and draws its preferred classes and feats from these quarters, rather than Brechtür or mercantilism.

[top]Stark family, Grafschaft of Starkhundt

Family Stark is possibly the only family with the Vorynn bloodline in Danigau and the Starks have always felt that their bloodline was superior to others as a result.
Quite why the Starks have long felt that they deserve better is unclear, as the Pfalzgrafen have rarely placed one family above another aside from Hansen, and of late the disdain for Meissan. Nevertheless the Starks have long been a superior folk whose so-called peers refused to recognize their superiority.

[top]Tallen family, Grafschaft of Talhundt

The Tallen family makes its wealth from building and maintaining fishing boats, and by harvest rights over the ice-pearl waters, areas where the rare northern oysters are found. In most parts of Brechtür these oysters were harvested to extinction but the Tallens long ago banned any harvesting except under strict oversight and encouraged the building of suitable habitats for the mollusks. The Tallen family is now almost the sole supplier of the iridescent gems and the limited supply only increases the gem?s value.

[top]Wiergau family, Grafschaft of Wiergau

The Wiergau first made their money centuries ago with gem-mines and still control a number of independent merchant operations. They are an old family, dating back to the founding of Danigau, Alford Wiergau was Harold Danig?s right-hand man and was charged with defending early Danigau against the goblins of what is now Caebstrech.
The Weirgau are a family past its prime however. Volse Redbedtehr controls most of their merchant operations on their behalf and pays a barely more than nominal ?rent?. Fortunately the goblins haven?t raided into Wiergau in a generation and aside from the undead that wander from the Fields of Woe, the province is quiet.

[top]Other notables

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