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Bhrein is most well known for its wine and ale production. Vineyards cover the province and the aroma of fermenting grapes covers the whole province. Ranges of small grassy hills weave their way throughout the province, creating several small streams, most of which eventually flow into the River Maesil. Several towns dot the countryside, the largest of which, Sorinost, in the centre of the province, serves as Bhrein?s capital.
Near Bhrein?s border with Daulton, the foothills of the Seamist Mountains rise above the surrounding terrain. Here, scattered mines operate, their workers pulling forth iron for the Prince?s armies.
Bhrein is governed by the Count Boerlan Cale (MAn; Ftr6; Scion of Basaïa, minor 32; LN), an elderly but distinguished lord. His son and heir, Richard Cale is married to Aithne Khorien. They have three children.
The Great Vault: Despite its somewhat ominous name, the Great Vault is little more than a glorified wine cellar. Located just south of Sorinost, the vault actually consists of several interlinked vaults and holds more wine than any other similar structure in Cerilia. Thousands of barrels of wine are constantly fermenting here, and wine producers from all across Avanil pay a small fee to store their product in the cool chambers of the Great Vault.
The Tomb of Sir Havriel Naedren: Sir Havriel Naedren was an accomplished knight and battlefield commander in the Prince?s armies nearly two hundred years ago. After perishing in battle against the forces of Boeruine, Sir Havriel was buried in his home province. These days, the people of Bhrein stay well clear of the tomb, as strange howling sounds have been heard there on the darkest nights. The terrified folk of nearby villages have even claimed to have seen spectres and other fell spirits dancing outside the tomb on some of these nights.

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