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Archduchy of Boeruine


textiles, glass
timber, coal, silver, iron ore

RP Income:
70 RP
48 GB (+2GB to Arlen Innis)
154 GB
100 RP


The Archduchy of Boeruine is one of the three most important realms in Anuire, along with the Principality of Avanil and the Barony of Ghoere. Its fertile lands were once totally covered by the great forest of Aelvinnwode at first, but in the years before Deismaar, the Andu settlers built a prosperous realm made of multiple communities along the Western Coast.
Although Boeruine is a land of prosperity, most of its frontiers meet two of its formidable enemies, the Manslayer and Taeghas, Avanil?s most loyal ally. The valley in the Seamist Mountains bordering the archduchy?s south-east, home to the infamous awnshegh Rhuobhe Manslayer, is a constant wild card in Boeruine?s plans to conquer his southern neighbour as the Manslayer?s raiding parties often use the time when the Archduke?s armies turn their attention elsewhere to come in and kill more and more of its human population in the forested provinces.

[top]Life and Society

Well-protected and governed for generations, the people of Boeruine are loyal and strong, and offer nothing less than complete obedience to their mighty lord. Nothing more or less is expected from them. The archduke?s claim on the Iron Throne and the Empire and the costs involved in pursuing these goals are increasingly becoming a subject of debate and dissension in Boeruinean society. While the realm is far from exhausted, the constant burdens of recruitment, taxation, and warfare are certainly noticable.


Critics of the Archduke argue that after the death of His Grace's father, Borric Boeruine, in the field against Avanil?s armies, Boeruine has demonstrated an ill-tempered will to crush the Principality at any cost. More over, since then, his anger has just been fed by his recent failure to destroy his enemy and the evil elves of the Manslayer.
On the other hand, most of the nobility, a battle hardened group of knights in majority, offers its support and expertise in all aspects of the Archduchy?s life. Each count governs his province independently, raises its armies, taxes and protects their fief against outside forces. In return, for their liberty on their respective fief, they made an allegiance?s oath and profess homage to their lord. This sort of relation between these two hierarchical governmental systems has assured a quick and efficient way to respond to events.
However, the petty nobility, consisting of baronets and knights in title only, has over the years become the internal problem of the realm as they tend to put their interests before those of the realm. Three major family factions have emerged. The Realnien family, a group of lords in Seaharrow, forms in it self sixty percent of the Archduke's courtiers. They are the main administrators for finances and for economic and diplomatic relations in other realms. As the officeholders of the realm, have the ability to speed up or slow down government action on a project as they will. The Oeroede family is disseminated all across the archduchy and make up its principal legislators as most of the sheriffs, judges, advocates or tax collectors. Finally, the members of the Diedred family form the core of the Archduchy?s armies? senior officers and are considered thankful and apt commanders in the field of battle.


Two churches are competing for the Boeruinean?s souls. The Northern Imperial Temple is the more well connected and influential temple, as the Archduke?s father had declared it the official religion in the Archduchy in 523MR. Two of its four cathedrals are on the Boeruinean soil. The first of these is the Cathedral of Tariene, sister city of Seaharrow, on the northern frontier. The second is in its capital and mostly serves for all summer religious festivals. The third is in Talinie's Capital, Nowelton, and the fourth is in Flodday. During these religious festivals, the Thane of Talinie, supreme head of the temple, must live for two to three weeks in the cathedral as per the terms of the alliance treaty between the two domains.
The Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen is just that? hidden. Most of its faithful are soldiers and officers in the Archduchy?s armies.
Finally, His Grace Aeric Boeruine has recently purchased the main trading guild of the realm and put it under his judicious rule. Now named the Boeruine Trading Guild, its guildmaster, Arien Borthein, is the former owner and current guildmaster, and does everything to earn whatever he can from this ambiguous situation. Even if he is very pleased by it for now, Borthien?s loyalty is reserved only for him and his profitable existence.

[top]The Land

[top]Bacaele (3/2)

Bacaele has endured so many wars as the southwestern province bordering Taeghas, that its inhabitants are always prepared to take flight from advancing armies. The laboring Bacaeleans are primarily farmers and fishers as the land is contains few ores or woodlands. Delwynn?s Ford on the shore of the Elfwash River is the main market town in the county and home to a near permanent military garrison. Daggersrock is a village of brigands, smugglers and mercenaries. Count Anorael Valanthas rules his fief like a military camp, with firm martial discipline. He is an excellent general, and his readiness pleases the Archduke. He thinks harsh times need harsh measures.

[top]Calant (3/4)

Calant is covered by the Aelvinnwode but encompasses some hills in the south. Calantean labor consists primarily of woodsmen and miners all in the employ of the archduke?s protégé Arien Borthien. A few farming communities exist, but good open land is scarce and their produce isn?t enough to provide sufficient foodstuff for all the Calantean population. The hunting is good however. Arien Borthien runs this province both through his guilds and his control of its count, Steele Mhoen.

[top]Dhalaese (3/4)

Dhalaese is in the northern frontier, deep into the forest. It is home to a vigorous people coming here to strip the land?s resources, mostly wood, iron and silver ores from the Seamist Mountains. The main community, Caerfoelae, a small fortified town, exist primarily for commerce and industry, as it is the first agglomeration on the trade route coming from the Tuor province of Monsedge. Count Maerde Dhalaese is the direct descendent of the first lord of Dhalaese. He believes in justice, compassion and honor. His faith in Haelyn?s teachings is legendary.

[top]Fhoruile (3/4)

Fhoruile borders Talinie on the Black River. It is a noble resort as all members of the Archduchy?s nobility have a private domain to pass summer bringing their intrigues with them. Large manors exists along the river, each has its own keep with soldiers and militias to protect it against raids or bandits. Its lord, Count Raenwe Fhoruile, rules his fief fairly and takes care to assure the prosperity and safety of the various estates.

[top]Nietier (3/4)

Nietier and Redoubt are the main targets of the elven raiding parties coming from the valley of Rhuobhe. Because of these regular attacks, its inhabitants are prepared to defend themselves, employing efficient tactics against the elven ability to hide themselves in forested areas. Nietier?s economy consists of woodcutting (minimal near Rhuobhe's frontier), and coal mining.
The Count Albion Stoneaxe, friend to the archduke, tries to protect his fief's inhabitants with all his might against the Manslayer?s incursions and does it admirably.
The Defiance of Men: This outpost serves as the main eastern soldier garrison of the Archduchy. Two towers made from basalt stones excavated in the Seamist Mountains and four four-feet thick walls form this small fortress that has never been breached by Rhuobhe's forces. Its commander is the Count, but most of the time, another officer from the Oeroede Family replaces him.

[top]Redoubt (3/4)

Redoubt also borders Rhuobhe's frontier. It offers forested and mountainous lands punctuated by some rocky clearings. The main economy incorporates iron and coal mining and woodcutting. All the small mountain communities are seasonal as the mines are unworkable in winter. The largest settlement is Soeberth, a fortified town on the shore of the Elfwash River and home to about 1000 inhabitants. Soeberth is an economical center for this region as it serves as a meeting point for Boeruinean and Taeghasean merchants as well as an industrial center processing the resources extracted here. Count Raeban Oeroede governs his fief with an iron hand as he thinks that his duty to protect his people can only be fulfilled through their obedience. The guild folk complain that Count Raeban confuses cooperation with servitude.

[top]Rivien (6/1)

Rivien is one of the most populated areas in all Anuire. The Aelvinnwode has been reduced to light wooded lands or managed orchards. The Boeruine Trading Guild extracts iron and coal ore from the hill in the north and large farming communities have emerged during the past century where sawmills prospered, converting the rich forest soils to farmland. The Count, Harran Tielen, is a retired minister of Boeruine. It is said that Arien Borthien came to him with a very good reason to "accept" his exile from the capital, but no one knows what it was.

[top]Seasedge (6/0)

Seasedge remains a largely rural land as only one large city exists within its boundaries, Seaharrow. Twenty thousands citizens populate this city symbolizing the might and power of His Grace Aeric Boeruine. Seaharrow is also a major center of culture, art and literature attracting great artists from all over the Empire. Count Oelin Boeruine, brother of the archduke, is the Lord-Marshall of all Boeruine?s armies and ruler of Seasedge. His reputation honors him as a just and able governor and general as much as a strict but honest gentleman.
Seaharrow Castle: The home to the Boeruine?s family members is an immense castle with a defensive wall encircling it. Its walls are covered by white marble and the roof with bluish tiles. The main complex contains three hundred different chambers and at least as many in a series of small buildings surrounding it. The tallest tower is the home of Arlen Innis.

[top]Tariene (6/0)

Tariene is a prosperous province with agricultural production, ore processing, and commerce. The County is also renowned for his numerous festivals: beer, religious and knightly fairs are so common that a visitor might think that Tarieneans are all always on holiday. Count and Bishop Liemen Tariene rules Tariene as its worldly and spiritual leader. An autodidact, he climbed the religious echelons gradually until the Thane of Talinie noticed him, was pleased by him, and appointed him to his present post.


Fleeing the Shadow in Aduria, the Boerin tribe of the Andu settled the shores of what is called now Boeruine and made a peaceful pact with the indigenous elves. Seasedge was then founded and many other communities were formed. For two hundred years, each boerin settlement governed itself like city-states, Seaharrow being the most powerful of them all. Its king, Carmis Boerin conquered all these city-states and created the great Kingdom of Boerin a long time before Deismaar.
Just before the dark years of the Shadow?s coming, the land of the Kingdom then called Boeruine (its spelling changed over the years following its creation) drew many farmers, woodcutters and guildsmen within its boundaries to take whatever part of the available assets that they could use to make a living. The realm prospered and became a strong opponent of the Avan Tribe from Anuire.
After the old god?s deaths and the creation of the bloodlines, the Kingdom of Boeruine joined its royal neighbor of Anuire and created the first great duchy of the Empire. The duke?s daughter was betrothed to Roele and the alliance was sealed. The new emperor convened with the duke that Seaharrow would become the summer imperial residence.
Nine hundred and seventy-three years later, all of that changed. The now prosperous duchy had a chance with Michael Roele?s death to become home to the imperial family as its duke, Derwyn, was married to the emperor?s eldest sister Laera. The struggle put an end to the Anuirean Empire?s stability and brought its center of power in a costly civil war.
The duchy became known has the Archduchy to politically oppose the Principality of Avanil, traditionally the home of the royal family before the empire collapsed. The duke?s entourage failed to earn the respect of its southern neighbors and ultimately, Taeghas joined its enemy. Another obstacle to the duke?s claim was and is Rhuobhe Manslayer, an elven lord eager to rip the hearts out of all humans across Cerillia. Using the Civil War to ensure that no realm could decide to unite against him, Rhuobhe ordered his elven warriors and wizards to increase their number of raids and to massacre as much humans they could. As such, the archduke?s armies were now divided; half were needed to protect the Boeruineans against the elves and the other half against Avanil?s ally.
The archduchy endured this for five centuries with only Talinie as its ally. Today, the tradition continues, festivals and religious ceremonies are celebrated to honor the coming of the imperial family at Seaharrow during summer. However, for now, the Imperial Throne remains empty each year. Only the High Chamberlain of Anuire, Caliedhe Dosiere, comes for a week or two, to makes his yearly speech of unity and peace. An oratorical moralistic ideal that hasn?t earned him any followers from the archduke?s realm.

[top]Important Figures

Aeric Boeruine (LN MAn; Nbl 6/Ftr 6; Scion of Anduiras, Great, 60). The archduke is a man of honor, protector of the just and of the needy and a firm believer in reciprocation. Behind the noble fighter and defender of Boeruine, there is a cold heart of stone with great ideals about his right to the Iron Throne and Avanil. He believes that the Great Patriarch of the now defunct Imperial Temple of Haelyn is a strong ally of the ?would-be prince? of Avanil, and the Empire needs someone to guide them secularly and spiritually. Thane Donalls and her Northern Imperial Temple is the solution for the second part as the archduke reserves the first for himself.
Fair in all his dealings, Aeric of Boeruine is a tall and strong man answering only to the terms of the imperial and ducal laws. It's also rumoured that he is allergic to bees.
Kaela Isilviere (FAn; Nbl 7; Scion of Anduiras, Major, 40). Aeric's wife, Kaela Isilviere, is the daughter of Gaelin Isilviere of Taeghas, great uncle to the archduke by marriage. She uses her position to gain whatever power she can. Her Grace is tall, in her mid-forties, and renowned for grace despite an insistence that things be just so and a sometime concealed arrogance. As such, she is not stranger to the decisions made by her husband.
Fhiele Boeruine (FAn; Nbl 2/Rog 1; Scion of Anduiras, Great, 48). Only daughter and child of the archduke, Fhiele is well known for her frivolity and libertinism. Her parents are trying everything to educate their sixteen year old daughter correctly, but to no avail. Consequently, the young lady was restricted to Seaharrow Castle until the age 21 or that she comes to her senses, whichever comes first.
Derwyn Boeruine of Tariene (MAn; Ftr 6; Scion of Anduiras, Great, 50). A womaniser to the extreme, the young heir to the Archduchy is to be reckoned with. Robust, charismatic and competent, Derwyn Boeruine is more than simply the archduke?s heir and son, but also a good administrator and knight. His prowesses are sung all over the land. A fact he likes very much. Wherever he goes, he tells amazing stories. Some are genuine, some are embellished.
Bishop Raemes, Bishop of Seasedge (MAn; Cloistered Cleric 7 [NIT]; Scion of Anduiras, Minor, 26). The wealthy, influential and knowledgeable Bishop of Seasedge, previously Abbot of Borric Abbey, is one of the Archduke's close advisors and an outspoken proponent of the Boeruine family. He also speaks for Boeruine and the Archduke in particular on spiritual matters elsewhere in Anuire.
Arlen Innis (MAn; Wiz 7; Scion of Vorynn, Minor, 19). Court mage to two generations of Boeruines, Arlen Innis is the strongest counselor to the archduke since his investiture in 531MR. This Anuirean true wizard built his mebhaighl source network on the smoking ruins of his predecessor.
Innis is a short and stout human in his seventies, prudent, and thoughtful. He doesn?t take anything lightly and offers some insightful counsel for the archduke as demanded. Constantly in his lord's service, Innis is often seen on the battlefield doing his work.
Arien Borthein (MAn; Rog 3; Scion of Reynir, Minor, 14). Nicknamed ?Ratface? by Seaharrow?s citizens, Borthein is the Guildmaster of the Boeruine Trading Guild owned by the archduke himself. Highly skilled and resourceful, he is the founder of the guild, but sold it to His Grace to make some more money out of it. The reason why the archduke keeps this man at the head of his guild is a complete mystery. While Borthein is a schemer and greedy person, he performs his job well and he has earned Aeric's respect.

[top]Fighting Orders

The following fighting orders and ambitions are operating in Boeruine:

[top]Plots and Rumors

When the Heart isn?t about politics

During the last Haelyn?s festival in Seaharrow, a young unknown knight won the joust tournament after designing Fhiele Boeruine as his price. When the archduke asked for his identity, the humble warrior declined answering because his name wasn?t important as his victory was dedicated to the Glorious Anuirean Empire and to the duke?s daughter. Without taking off his helmet, he bowed and left. A rumor says that the following night, the young knight visited Fhiele and fell in love with her. At the end of the festival, the knight told his real name to the princess and left her completely stunned by his revelation. The rumor goes on and says that she received a large number of letters in the last month via carrier pigeon. Some names have come up recently, but none has been verified.
The enemy within.

From the heart of the land, an evil is coming. Some rumors tell about an alliance between one of the three most influential noble families of Boeruine and the Guildmaster Arien Borthien scheming together to overthrow the Archduke throne to put someone else on it. Nevertheless, Aeric?s entourage certainly knows about this and is trying to uncover the plot before it is set into motion. Some say that Prince Darien Avan is sponsoring this tentative and others that it is a subtle machination from Rhuobhe Manslayer or the Duke Heirl Diem of Diemed.
The elven cloak.

Five years ago, a knight wearing the colors of Redoubt reappeared before Count Raeban Oeroede and told him about a dark and vast army preparing its forces just behind the Sidheliadh Towers. Reportedly he saw Rhuobhe Manslayer conjuring undead, demons and great beasts of flame to help him in a decisive battle against the Forces of Man. Furthermore, his elven soldiers were almost looking as inhuman themselves sporting claws, fangs and some other powerful appendices as tails or wings. The Count sent a scout party to see what it really was, but no one came back after a week. So, a message was sent to Seaharrow to inform the duke about this threat. Innis arrived at the end of winter 546MR with a group of apprentices and soldiers and investigated the area. Nothing was found, but Innis knew by the flow of mebhaighl in the region that something was wrong. No more occurrences of these visions were reported since that year. Nonetheless, something bad must be there as many common folks from Redoubt have seen Innis going up to the towers each winter at night and returning completely exhausted the next morning.
The Archduke?s plan.

Rumors are circulating about the Archduke?s plan to defeat the Manslayer. Apparently, his court mage Innis is currently researching a powerful realm spell to disrupt Rhuobhe's mebhaighl sources. The spell will work as a sort of energy dampener causing the natural magical power to dissipate for a short period of time. The Archduke?s will use that time to launch an attack on the Manslayer?s Realm and try to kill him in single combat. As the awnshegh will have no uses of its magical weapons and items, Boeruine thinks sincerely he has a chance.
As his plan to take the Iron Throne, his apparent strategy is very simple: outright invasion ! As it is a simple solution, its practically impossible to achieve in the present circumstances. As such, some Anuireans all over the Western and Southern Coasts thinks that the Archduke will try something else, less honorable: rumor mongering and diplomatic intrigues. Although its reputation says otherwise, it?s the more probable way Boeruine will ever achieve his ultimate goal.

[top]Relations with other realms

The archduke has only one friend, Talinie. Her neighbor to the north has been a lukewarm friend at various times, and not very helpful to the Archduchy. However the union of the Northern Imperial Temple and the state of Talinie gave Boeruine leverage. The Archduke was able to bind the states together through the Northern Imperial Temple. Aeric recognized the temple the state religion in Boeruine, and Talinie has become a much more reliable ally. Thuriene Donalls as both Thane of Talinie and Supreme Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple has backed Aeric's claims to the Iron Throne.
The Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen was granted special toleration, preventing the Northern Imperial Temple from contesting its holdings. The Hidden Temple has a troubled relationship during long periods of peace, being prone to rebellions. In wartime, however, the Hidden Temple is a valuable asset to the realm, not only in terms of her powerful knights, but also as a link to Tuornen.
Tuornen is a sometime friend to Boeruine, generally depending on where Tuornen's true enemy, Alamie, happens to be. The wars between Boeruine and Avanil tend to reignite the civil war between Tuornen and Alamie, and extend the war to those realms. Tuornen more often ends up on Boeruine's side because of their shared border and the Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen, but its far from a sure thing. In 551MR, Boeruinean diplomats are trying to convince Her Grace, Laela Flaertes of Tuornen to reconsidering her political position and support Aeric in the inevitable war that will break out soon.
Taeghas is no longer the neutral state she once was. Since the succession of Harald Khorien, Taeghas has been allied to Avanil. Not only does she house Avanese armies just across the Elfwash River from Boeruine, add her soldiers to the Prince's order of battle, but Harald himself is a skilled astrologer and wizard, and his divinations of the Archduke's moves have proven to be uncanny.
Brosengae is a nominal ally of Avanil, but her duchess, Eriene Mierelen chafes in the alliance and seeks not only her independence but a restoration of the provinces lost to her realm which are now part of Taeghas. Aeric is able to offer her these things as well as his friendship, but the duchess, Eriene Mierelen, knows that Aeric will have problems delivering on most of his promises.
Avanil, Aeric's main adversary in his way in obtaining the Iron Throne, has a long history of rivalry with Boeruine, going back into the Imperial era. Their confrontations are no longer kept in check by a united Alamie, and division of that realm actually makes war more likely, since war erupts either from the Boeruine-Avanil rivalry or the Tuornen-Alamie conflict. Rumors in 551 MR suggest that armies from Boeruine are massed on the Elfwash river, signaling another period of conflict may be near at hand. It seems that the accumulation of grievances between the two powers can no longer be resolved by diplomacy.
Dhoesone is a realm, just barely. The forces which threaten to throw the land into chaos are many. In an effort to win the favor of the Chancellor of Anuire, Caliedhe Dosiere, by demonstrating a care for the lands of the whole of Anuire, not just his friends, Aeric Boeruine helps to support a unit of pikemen, along with Talinie, the Northern Imperial Temple, and Haelyn's Bastion of Truth. This unit, The Grey Banner, is commanded by one of Aeric's captains, Pierden Brodig. The unit is currently in bad shape after a run in with some giants and has been recalled to be re-built.
Storm Holtson's Stjordvik Traders brings goods from the northern lands of the Rjurik into Tariene. Aeric is wary of the reputation of the canny northerner, but appreciates the leverage that his guild offers him in keeping his rival, Gaelin Thuried, of the Upper Anuire Traders, and vise versa.

[top]Domain Holding Table


Domain Table: Boeruine
Bacaele (3/2)AB (3)LB (3)Bor (3)AI (2)
Calant (3/4)AB (3)TD (2)Bor (3)AI (4)
LB (0)
Dhalaese (3/4)AB (3)LB (3)GTh (3)AI (4)
TD (0)Bor (0)
Fhoruile (3/4)AB (3)TD (2)Bor (3)AI (4)
Nietier (3/4)AB (3)LB (3)GTh (3)AI (4)
Redoubt (3/4)AB (3)LB (3)Bor (3)AI (4)
GTh (0)
Rivien (6/1)AB (6)TD (6)Bor (5)AI (1)
GTh (1)
Seasedge (6/0)AB (6)LB (3)Bor (5)AI (0)
TD (3)
Tariene (6/0)AB (6)TD (5)Bor (4)AI (0)
LB (1)SH (2)
Abbreviations: AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); LB=Linnias Baccaere (Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen) ; Bor=Arien Borthein (Boeruine Trading Guild); TD=Thuriene Donalls (Northern Imperial Temple); GTh=Gaelin Thuried (Upper Anuire Traders); SH=Storm Holtson (Stjordvik Traders); AI=Arlen Innis (Mage of Boeruine).

[top]Other Realms

Domain Table: Boeruine
The Imperial City (10/0)DA (3)WIT (3)GK (2)COS (0)
CD (3)LPA (2)PAI (2)?
AB (2)MOC (2)ML (1)?
HD (2)CJS (1)??
Bayside, Taeghas (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Portage, Taeghas (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Wilder's Gorge, Taeghas (1/6)DA (1)RN (1)-HK (6)
AB (0)
Ghonallison, Tuornen (2/3)LF (0)MOC (2)MB (2)
AB (2)
Haesrien, Tuornen (5/0)LF (3)MOC(2)LF (2)Ca (0)
AB (2)WIT (2)EM (3)
MB (0)
Monsedge, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (0)MB (3)Rh (2)
AB (2)WIT (2)
Nabhriene, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (0)EM (3)Ca (2)
AB (0)WIT (3)PAI (0)
Lindholme, Talinie (5/2)TD (3)TD (4)BA (3)TA (2)
AB (2)SH (2)
Seaport, Talinie (1/4)AB (1)TD (0)SH (1)TA (3)
Abbreviations: AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); DA=Darien Avan (Avanil); TD=Thuriene Donalls (Talinie) (Northern Imperial Temple); Harald Khorien (Taeghas); CD=Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City); WIT=Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir); LPA=Life and Protection of Avanalae (Medhlorie Haensen); MOC=Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); SH=Storm Holtson (Stjordvik Traders); GK=Guilder Kalien (Heartlands Outfitters); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); ML=Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers); HD=Heirl Diem (Diemed); CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); COS=College of Sorcery;.

  • Law: Aeric Boeruine has a firm control over the law of his realm.
  • Temples: The Northern Imperial Temple and the Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen uneasily share the faith of the people.
  • Guilds: The Boeruine Trading Guild dominates trade here, but Storm Holtson makes his presence felt here as well.
  • Source: Arlen Innis is the court mage of Boeruine.

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