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RP Income:
63 RP ([] 32 RP; [] 23 RP; []s 8 RP) (Tsar Drago Koskov)

38 GB


Status: Not available for player characters
To most Cerilia, Molochev represents Vosgaard. The land may be warmer than many Brecht realms, but its tsar epitomizes the cruel brutality most other human races take granted for Vos. He controls his provinces and holdings tightly with considerable aid form the One True Church of Vosgaard and his own secret source holdings.

[top]Life and Society

The Temples to Lana's Light in Tonega and Zuluk provide some refuge from the tsar's rule within Molochev. A haven for the emerging nona faction in the realm, this group fears attention from both the One True Church and the tsar.

[top]The Land

Fertile and green most of the year, Molochev feels like a wild land to visitors. Few large farms exist even in the south. Most peasants work on small claims similar to those in feudal Anuirean lands. Reavers employed by the tsar or his war chiefs periodically pillage their own provinces when war against Molochev's raiders do not go well; fear of these raiders keeps the peasants firmly in line.




[top]Flora and Fauna






The province of Kurmansk is not under Drago Koskov's complete control. Some goblin clans from Kal Kalathor have, only recently, estabilished some law holdings there, irritating a lot the tsar. He has charged his lieutnant Kara Daincser to fight them but, "The Dancer", as she's called by her troops, has disappeared in the province a few months ago.

[top]Ral Vorgrad


The province of Siast hosts the capital city of Molochev, Sviatol and it's the ruling center of the tsar. He holds his court here, in a dark fortified manor inside the city walls, that dominates the capital itself






Allies: While Molochev has no allies, Drago has sent emissaries to the Raven requesting his aid in attacking the great Khanate of Kal Kalathor. He has received no response yet.

Enemies: Every realm that borders with Molochev is its enemy. Fortunately, none (except Rheulgard and Berhagen) will support the others in any attack on the Vos kingdom. Kal Kalathor, currently one of Molochev's most aggressive enemies, could actually become its ally if Drago would only talk to the Khanate's ambassadors instead of killing them out of hand. The goblin kingdom has a history of negotiating with Molochev's former regents and with people of Rovninodensk to agree common raiding, trade in slaves and suchlike.

Army/Navy: Despite its aggressions, Molochev maintains a comparatively moderate garrison for its size, including the following troops: 1 unit of Varsk riders (used only in winter campaigns), 3 units of Molochev Sarveklos (Vos Knights), 2 units of Elite infantry, 2 units of Pikemen and 1 unit of Scouts. Raiders are typically raised for specific campaigns and then dispersed when they are not required, Molochev has a large reservoir of trained soldiers and can grow its forces rapidly if desired.

[top]Important Figures

Over the past few years, Molochev has had several lieutenants - all of whom have come to bad ends. It seems the tsar desires a capable second-in-command as well as an heir, but his paranoia keeps him from trusting anyone for too long. The most recent lieutenant, a female Vos warrior named Kara Daincser ("the Dancer" to her troops), disappeared fighting the goblins of Kurmansk. Already rumors are circulating: Some say the Dancer was killed by her own troops. If this is so, they may have been acting on orders from the tsar himself.

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots


  • The fabled treasury (38 GB) of Molochev contains many magical items of honor including the horned helm of horror, the traditional battle-helm of Molochev's ruler. While the exact powers of the helm are unknown, it is, by all accounts, a fearsome artifact.
  • The actual regency points usable by the tsar is much lower than those generated by his realm (26), due to his bloodline score. Unfortunately the tsar will not trust any of his vassals sufficiently to empower them to the point that they could collect some of the squandered regency and then pass it to him in vassalage.


  • The Dancer survived the tsar's assassination attempt but was gravely wounded. Somehow, while traveling from Kurmansk through Baikhal and Tsing into Zuluk, she received aid from the Temple of Lana's Light. The Dancer has learned of the tsar's blasphemous wizardly powers but cannot reveal him without significant support. She feels she cannot approach the One True church of Vosgaard with the news since they would want to destroy the temple that aided her in her distress. She waits and recovers, hoping for other options.
  • Its aid to the Dancer is not the only secret harbored by Lana's Light. Katherine ab-Sina, the High Priest, has a son who is nearing adulthood. Named after the former Tsar of Molochev, Gregor ab-Sina longs for the day when he can avenge his grandfather's murder and bring Molochev into Lana's Light. Katherine has hidden the youth for nearly ten years and will not let him rush his desires. She hopes for suitable companions to arise among the nona Vos. If necessary, she will send Gregor south to his distant relatives in Khourane while the boy works to improve his skills.


  • Fed up with the obvious degeneration of their temple, priests of the One True Church plan to overthrow their fat, cowardly (as they see him) High Priest. Sugat knows nothing of the plot, but word has reached Tsar Drago. Fearful of losing his puppet-priest but amused by the unfolding scenario, the tsar has kept himself informed of the progress of the plot but has made no move to stop it so far. It is possible that Tsar Drago, caught up in his own plans and his secret magical studies, may let the plot go far enough that surprise "aid" could cause it to succeed. Fortunately for him, no unexpected factors could possibly interfere in Molochev's internal politics.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Molochev
Baikhal (4/1)DK (3)TCV (2)CoV (2)DK (0)
KaS (1)---
Dzehbzed (1/6)-KaS (1)-DK (3)
Inysk (2/5)DK (2)TCV (1)CoV (1)DK (2)
Karkev (4/1)DK (4)TCV (2)CoV (3)DK (0)
Kurmansk (5/2)DK (2)-CoV (1)DK (0)
KK (3)---
Ral Vorgrad (5/0)DK (3)TCV (1)CoV (3)DK (0)
KK (1)---
Siast (6/1)DK (6)TCV (4)CoV (4)DK (1)
Tsing (3/2)DK (1)TCV (1)-DK (0)
KaS (0)---
Tonega (3/4)DK (1)KaS (2)-DK (2)
Zuluk (4/3)DK (1)KaS (2)CoV (1)DK (0)
KK (1)---
Abbreviations: DK = Drago Koskov (Tsar of Molochev); TCV = One True Church of Vosgaard; KK = Kal Kalathor; KaS = Katherine ab-Sina (Lana's Light); CoV = Chessa of Vorgrad (Tribute of Kings).
  • Law: Tsar Drago Koskov ("Kingslayer," in low Brecht) considers ruling Molochev his privilege, honor, and duty. He prizes power and control, and scorns those who try to rule without full measure of both. It infuriates him that one of Kal Kalathor's goblin tribes has established law holdings in few of his eastern provinces.
  • Temples: Spurning the "sibling relationship" of Belinik and Kriesha, the One True Church of Vosgaard is strongly represented in Molochev. The strength of its temples would be greater, however, if Sugat Tsorich weren't so content to enjoy his regency. If he paid the slightest attention to activity in the realm, he might notice temples to Lana springing up.
  • Guilds: An iron name for a slave guild, the Tribute of Kings has functioned in Molochev for nearly four generations. Slave gatherers and traders to Vosgaard, the Molochev Slavers (as they are more commonly called) are headed by a new regent: Chessa of Vorgrad. Fresh from the Molochev/Kal Kalathor skirmishes, she ascended to the regency by proving more than able to tame goblin and hobgoblin slaves for human masters.
  • Sources: Eager to increase his personal power, Tsar Drago forced a captured Khinasi wizard to teach him wizardry; unfortunately for everyone, the tsar proved an apt student. Whether Drago killed his teacher or still holds him in prison is unknown (DM's option), but the now dual-classed tsar has begun weaving a web of ley lines and sources throughout his realm and appears eager to test his power.
  • Provinces: Tsar Drago rules every province in Molochev except Kurmansk. Taken by the goblins of Kal Kalathor only a few months ago, it remains under the control of their Great Khanate.

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