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Status: Recommended for elves
Once part of the great elven realm of Innishiere, Rhuannach is now a kingdom of its own within the Rhuannadaraight forest.

[top]Life and Society

Rhuannach is one of the most open elven kingdoms - both in its acceptance of humans into its society as well as its lack of control over much of its lands. The humans are descendants of Djiran refugees and make up about 20% of the population. They recognise that this is elven land and that they have to adapt to the ways of the sidhelien and aid them. In return, the sidhelien allow them to stay and treat them as part of the kingdom.
However, many of the provinces are not well governed. The sidhelien mainly live in the forests of Glyncaerwyn and Morwyth. The remainder of the provinces are less inhabited, mainly being used for human crops and grazing as well as military positions. The northern borders with the lands of the Lamia are increasingly being raided so the High Lady does place some military units there, mainly made up of human volunteers. However, she leaves the few human inhabitants to their own devices. If they don't endanger the kingdom, then the elves don't try and lord over them. As a result, the High Lady only has law holdings within the elven communities, which are hidden in forest groves and amongst dells and dales in the hills.
Near the main elven settlement is the main court. It is on the south side of the large lake known as the Garradhlach and is a site of love and art. The goddess of beauty and fire, Leira, is the main diety worshipped amongst the humans. While the sidhelien do not worship any of the human gods, they do at least share a common interest. The court is commonly a scene of creativity and wonder as people demonstrate their designs and capabilities.
However, the sidhelien have long memories. They have not always found humans to be such nice neighbours. The effect of the colonisation by Farid ibn Salim divided Rhuannach from the elves in what is now Innishiere and Cwmb Bheinn. While the Rhuannach court is happy to trade and talk with some human domains, many elves haven't forgotten the lives and land that was lost in the past to greedy Khinasi. While the Dawning festival on the first day of the year is a day of much celebration, it also contains aspects of remembrance of the hardships and losses of the years gone. The people of Rhuannach know that the swords and spears of the Lamia and the Iron Hand Tribes are a constant threat.
It is these threats that helps many of the sidhelien see their resident humans as a blessing. For with them their armies have swollen, enabling them to better defend their provinces. Indeed, some see these human warriors as the way to win back some of the stolen lands. They hope that the displaced humans will be enthusiastic to one day fight over the old lands of Djira. If the humans are returned to their kingdom, it is hoped that an alliance will continue that will help sidhelien restore their control of the Rhuannadaraight. But the sidhelien know that this must be a long term plan.

[top]The Land

[top]Allaight (1/8)

Allaight is ...
=== Fhiellewyn (3/6) ===
Fhiellewyn is ...
=== Garradh (2/6) ===
Garradh is ...

[top]Glyncaerwyn (3/6)

Glyncaerwyn is ...
=== Morwyth (2/7) ===
Morwyth is ...
The Garradhlach: This large lake is ...
Rhuannadaraight forest


At the end of the Anuirean Empire, the Empire sponsored considerable colonization. Sendoure was founded in 1441 MA and Besaïam was founded in 1470 MA. The neighboring realm of Medec was a leader in colonizing this region of the forest after the Empire had won a crushing defeat on the elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach. From the Empire's point of view, Besaïam was supposed to divide the elf realms. From Medec's point of view, the new territory of Besaïam was to be buffer between the elves and their own territory. They took considerable effort building fortifications like Cravengate and Touggourt and ensuring the new settlements were secure. Even Müden send settlers and material support, lead by Garth Marten who became Count of Marten and a leading noble in the new realm.
2010 MA, 1495 HC, 522 MR, Death of High Lord Daegendal, regent of Rhuannach
In Khinasi the serious conflict between the Basarji and the elves was caused not by a priest, but by a merchant, Farid ibn Salim. Farid, a vastly wealthy merchant, was terrified of water after a series of mishaps at sea was determined to build a road from Mesire to the Vos lands which he believed to hold vast mineral wealth. He cleared land along the banks of the southern parts of the Zhaïnge River with ease; dredging the river in parts to make it deep enough to take large ships and building fortified trading posts along the bank. The northern part of the river however (now the lands of Kozlovnyy) cut straight through the great elven realm of Innishiere. A deeply pious man Farid saw it as his duty to clear the forest for 3 leagues to either side of the river. At least fifty thousand Basarji and Masetians died in fulfilling his dream, but when he was done the elven realm had been shattered. Now Innishiere has fragmented into three surviving elven realms, the western woods are still called Innishiere, while the northern part of the realm is known as Cwmb Bheinn and the southeast is called Rhuannach. The anger of the Khinasi elves on this day is tempered by a great guilt ? the magic unleashed by their sorcerers turned the pastures and rolling hills of Taravan into a wasteland where, almost two millennia later, the land is barren and covered in sand dunes.


The Lamia has, over time, built an army of charmed and fanatic warriors. However, as this force became more and more capable, rising to elite infantry, she became more and more reluctant to risk it in battle. Even so, the elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach had not forgotten how these lands had been taken from the elves by the Anuirean Empire and have pressed to get them back. She was able to forge an arrangement with the Iron Hand Tribes to join her in wars against the elves. Today, she grants the Iron Hand free access to cross her territory to strike at either elf domain. In exchange, they provide troops to guard her lands, and to raid the elves as opportunity presents itself.
Allies: Kozlovnyy has no real allies, Djiran exiles from Rhuannach and Sidhe from Cwmb Bheinn trade with them occasionally, but no stronger diplomatic agreement has been forged.
Northern Traders Guild supports Voivod Vladimir Nikailov, because they fear of what will happen with trade if torva faction take power in the country. Their support is quiet one, as they dare not to offend the Belinikers. Their quiet support of the crown gave them right to trade with elves of Cwmb Bheinn and Rhuannach, and Vos of Molochev, but the major gain was the right to hold their own army as protection for their caravans, guild houses and trade centers.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

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Rhuannach domain table


Allaight (1/8)
MeW (0)
FG (0)
Cae (7)
FG (2)
Das (4)
Cae (0)
Garradh (2/6)
FG (1)
Das (3)
Cae (2)
FG (3)
MeW (2)
FG (3)
Cae (6)
Morwyth (2/7)
FG (2)
MeW (1)
FG (1)
Cae (5)

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