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Male Masetian/Undead Priest 17/Sorcerer 19

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His ability to manifest in Cerilia is sporadic at best and never long lasting. El-Sheighul is typically able to take only one domain action a round due to his condition and in truth has yet to escape the Shadow World. El-Sheighul's close ties to the Shadow World and utter lack of sayim proved him one of the Lost long ago, so far the wizards of the Khinasi have feared engaging him in a grand magical battle in case they free him from the Shadow World rather than condemn him to it.


El-Sheighül, the Lord of the Ghouls, is one of the Lost. He makes use of the Black Spear Tribes of Khinasi though their chieftan, Garak zul Turbun, believes himself to be the ruler of the chaotic gnoll bandits of this region.





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