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Prelate of the temple at White-rock
M.Br; Expert 4, Priest 1; LN. HP 4d6+1d8 = 21. Cha 10, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 19, Stn 10, Wis 12. Bloodline: none.
Quotes: Back peasant! Leave your betters to their business!
Ah, family Taubhaucken, a cadet branch of the Huckenleps of Drachenward through Otto Huckenleps marriage to Selma Auckstreppen?
This cur stains the nation with his presence though the Count, Sera bless him, is too blind to see. This poison is noted for its effect on the line and will aid you in defeating him, do Sera?s will and be blessed my child.
Dieter is a vastly learned man who is noted throughout Brechtür for his knowledge of Brecht history, law, etiquette and the genealogy of Brecht bloodlines. A distinctly snobbish and detached individual Dieter never allows book to be borrowed from his library, and charges folk dearly for the privilege of researching within it.
Dieter has a distaste for commoners that borders on the pathological ? he always wears gloves when touching supplicants and has in the past order clothing to be burnt if touched by someone particularly unclean (beggars, ruffians and the like).
Dieter considers Siegfried, the Count?s champion as an aberration and frequently informs listeners of the members of the Donnerssohn family who were corrupted into awnsheghlien, met a grim end, or acted in a bestial fashion.

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