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Food, clothing, tools, weapons
Timber, Fish, Whale Oil, Furs, Seal Pelts
GB Income:
2 GB
RP Income:
7 RP
? GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB; Ports and Shipyards GB)
2 GB
4 RP
Kvigmar ( )


Founded by dissident Rjurik fleeing the Anuirean Empire, the current settlement of Kvigmar (there were a few earlier ones on the site by both Rjurik and Brechts) was founded almost 200 years ago. The explorer/refugees encountered a harsh, cold and infertile land plagued by goblins and worse; their numbers have grown only slowly over the years and they remain clustered in Kvigmar itself and a few fishing settlements along the Kvigmar Arm. Inland, Kvigmaran influence is limited to a few hunters, scouts, trappers and rare settlers. Many do not recognize the Jarl's authority beyond the walls of Kvigmar itself.
In many ways, these independent-minded types are right: the city of Kvigmar is virtually synonymous with the realm and the Jarl's authority barely extends beyond it. Over time it has developed into a prosperous walled harbor town made of predominantly stone buildings (the goblins burned the wood ones and stone is very plentiful). It relies upon fishermen plying the waters of the Great Bay and traders moving back and forth between Kopingdal in Hjolvar and Blackgate. In the past, the citizens of Kvigmar have not shied from raiding the Brecht coasts, though the Counts of Danigau have 'discouraged' that practice severely and it has declined of late. The city is increasingly cosmopolitan (to the disdain of many within and outside of its walls) and many Brechts have settled there of late; traders from Danigau are common in its streets and small shrine to Sera has been recently erected.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Kvigmar
Dhovjiir (1/6)ES (1)
Jharvild (0/6)
Kvigmarheim (4/2)Ul (2)ES (1)Ul (2)
Sjalikfjord (0/7)
Virskaap (0/7)
Abbreviations: Ul = Ulrich (Kvigmar); ES = Emerald Spiral (Gretta Seligsdotter)

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