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Resources: Iron, gems, granite, coal, goat cheese and wool, glacial ice.
Population: 9,250


Wiergau is in constant competition to Blackruft for fishing along its short coastline and does poorly, many of its people herd goats and sheep in the mountains and most grow herbs and vegetables in small gardens to supplement the food imported in exchange for the wealth hauled from the mountains. The Burgundy Slepsid has an iron grip on goods transport in this province, as it is the sole importer of the foodstuffs that the populace relies upon.
The iron grip of the guild recently caused Count Erik to act against Volse?s factor Grant Oppelmann after the factor raised prices to breaking point and news reached Blackgate of starving widows and orphans. Volse paid substantial reparations to the Count for his factor?s greed but with the factor missing in the mountains, Volse has been unable to fully pin the blame for the price-gouging on his agent ? or find the substantial amount of coin that the factor appears to have embezzled.


Wierburg: Locals insist that Wierberg?s deep harbor made it the second town founded in Danigau after Blackruft. The mountains press closely about the town however, and the population of perhaps a thousand cannot grow beyond its current limits.
Wierberg is noted for its temple to Sera which is said to have the largest library in Brechtür. The temple has seen better times but is still quite impressive, as it is carved almost entirely from the rock itself and is mostly underground. In shape it is a single vast chamber surrounded by a wide spiral staircase (the only way in and out) from which numerous smaller chambers can be accessed including the famed landscape gallery of Pieter the third prelate and the library cherished by the current incumbent Dieter of Sera.
Whiterock: The second largest town in Kiergau is named for an outcropping of white(ish) granite and is home to a little over 750 Danigers. The miners quarry the hard stone and ship it to Wierberg where it is sent on to Cohrtab in Müden. The town is noted for unusually sober miners ? alcohol has a much stronger impact in the thin air around the town and the local temple of Sera strongly preaches abstinence.

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Wiergau is the second-most common target of Urga-Zai raiders. Whereas in Caebstrech the goblins raid almost solely through Goblynslaughter Pass, in Wiergau the goblins cross innumerable small passes through the mountains or travel via the interlinked mines and small tunnels into the province.
Raids are thus small-scale but constant and the mountains prevent the Count from doing more than punish incursions severely ? even the armies of Danigau cannot watch every broken mountainside in this province.
The Fields of Woe are one area where the armies of Danigau historically met the goblins in battle; outnumbered four to one the Danigers died in droves until the thanes of Khurin-Azur led their elite footmen in a forced march to break through the goblin lines. The battle left the bloody fields covered in bodies. Most of the bodies were consumed by the goblins, but even today, centuries later, travelers come across Danigau soldiers frozen in the ice.
The fields of woe are deep within the province, in a valley between three steep mountains. Snow-covered much of the year the field retains a chill that reaches the bone all year around and while undead are not common, tales abound of frozen warriors staggering from the field and visions of the battles that raged over this barren ground. Others say that they have seen the partially consumed bodies of those eaten by goblins crawling from the field to seek proper burial or revenge.
The fields of woe are also sometimes visited by dwarf ?pilgrims?, the dwarves held the pass after breaking through the goblin forces to allow the exhausted humans to get a good ?head start? on the goblins. Over a thousand dwarves died at the fields of woe and although it is believed that the dwarves took their dead with them, or have since retrieved them (dead or alive it is said that no dwarf leaves another in goblin hands) dwarves have been seen in the fields from time to time over the years.

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