Malikai Ulricksen

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Famed artist and wit

Male Brecht Expert 9


CG Medium Humanoid

HP 9d6+18= 51.

Cha 14, Con 14, Dex 20, Int 16, Str 12, Wis 8

Quote: Milord I swear, I meant no offense, yon statue is not as I sculpted it! viii.iii
I need a block of the finest marble, only the finest will do, bring one of the famed blocks from the ancient temple on Mount Reisig and be rewarded handsomely!
Malikai is one of Erik Danig?s favorite artisans, and secretly one of his best spies. Many times Malikai has been able to win access to some private area while commissioned to create some piece of art.
Long feted all the nobility of Danigau Malikai?s last piece ? a sculpture of Baron Stark ? resulted in his imprisonment for the statue has so treacherous and malign a visage and pose as to constitute a crime against the baron?s person.

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