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Emirate of Khourane


Feudal monarchy
Haelyn (State Religion), Sera

GB Income:
20 GB
RP Income:
39 RP



Status: Recommended
On the edge of the Docandragh forest lies the vast frontier state of Khourane. It is a land of able folk who look to themselves and not to their neighbors.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

Khourane contains climates that range from the wet, warm montane forests, though forest-savanna mosaic as trees become less common, to semi-arid, hot sétif grasslands in the lowlands. Rain falls in the highlands all year round, but the lowlands only sees rain from Sehnir to Talienire, when a south-east wind brings the monsoons to the Khinasi coast.


Adeid is a sétif province. The town of Tamir is a minor caravan junction and mining town of about 600 people. Topaz is found here. The coastal towns of Hallam and Yazira are just under a thousand inhabitants, but do a brisk trade because of the gemstones coming to the coast from Tamir.


Ayandir is a mountain province full of spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg grow here. Eyas is a village that prospers on the spice trade, but it is a fairly lawless environment.


Barein is where the sétif gives way to the foothills of the Fingers of Ayan. Gneiss is quarried at Kaytar and shipped to the busy seaport of Marala. Close to the Temple of Rilni, Marala is a debarkation port for scholars and wizards making the pilgrimage to the Temple. An enormous, ancient library overlooks the sea.

[top]Ber Dijn

Ber Dijn is a mountainous place where the montane forest grow dense and tall.

[top]Ber Falaïa

Ber Falaïa is a sétif province and home to the capital city of Ber Falaïa.


The province of el-Sirte contains a forest-savanna mosaic that gradually becomes all savanna closer to Tuarime. Wild animals make the province unattractive for many farmers, but a village near the jungles of the Docandragh lives by capturing and raising the exotic birds found within.

[top]South Ibnoume

South Ibnoume lies south of Lake Ibnoume. The largest communities lay on the Pipryet River, Ibnim and Ibnam.

[top]Ras Mhin

Ras Mhin is a montane province in which the interior is especially dense and considered impassable.


Sahadein is a forest-savanna mosaic that transitions from sétif in the west to montane in the east as elevation rises. Its two major settlements, Maja and Bahara have little contact, drawing their living from contact with distinct trade networks.


Tuarime is a rugged, sétif province. The town of Dhotir is a caravan junction and mining town of about 700 people. Beryl is found here. The coastal town of Ramellan is an elegant, civilized town of 1600.


Zulaf is a forest-savanna mosaic divided by a great ridge. A village in the highlands, Ramek mines iron. A trading town on the Pipryet River, Moura is also a key defensive place against hostile neighbors.


Roele conquered half of the lands that would eventually be known as Khourane when he forged his new Empire. The remaining parts remained free and for the next 25 years they did struggle against Anuirean armies. One of the leaders of those who fought the Anuirean invasion was one Rashad ibn Khourane. He died fighting the invaders when he was just to fulfill his dream: to unite these tormented lands in a single realm under a strong ruler. His dream was eventually realized when in 784 HC el-Arrasi, leader of the Basarji Federation, made all the Khinasi lands free and independent.

Khourane then experienced a brief internal struggle between various factions wanting to seize power and eventually Diyab el-Falaia emerged as the undisputed ruler.
He founded the capital city of Ber Falaia.


[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Khourane
Adeid (2/3)KFM (1)NTS (2)SOS (2)Sir (2)
Ayandir (1/8)KFM (1)SOH (1)GS (8)
Barein (2/5)KFM (1)SOH(2)SOS (1)KFM (4)
Ber Dijn (0/9)Sir (8)
Ber Falaïa (6/1)KFM (3)SOH (4)DC (4)KFM (1)
SOS (1)NTS (2)SOS (2)
South Ibnoume (2/7)KFM (1)SOH (2)DC (2)KFM (6)
Zulaf (4/5)KFM (1)SOH (3)DC (3)KFM (3)
Sahadein (2/7)SOH (2)DC (1)GS (7)
el-Sirte (1/8)KFM (1)NTS (1)SOS (1)Sir (5)
Ras Mhin (0/9)KFM (3)
GS (3)
Tuarime (3/2)KFM (2)NTS (3)DC (2)KFM (2)
Abbreviations: KFM= Kalilah bint Farid el-Mashil (Khourane); NTS=Nuridan Temple of Sarma (Rigel min Namal); SOS=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); Sir=el Sirad (Mour el-Sirad); SOH=Shield of Halaïa (Tihara min Buseri); GS=Gray Shadow (Taeric Uluine); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehal); DML=Djafran Merchant League (Ousira bint Falih).

  • Law: The Emira enjoys respect throughout the land, but her attentions to the sources of the land and to foreign affairs prevent her from attending to the law as perhaps she might.
  • Temples: Sarma is dominant in the cities and places of trade, while Halaïa is dominant in the country and among the nobility.
  • Guilds: The Docandragh Coster is the only known guild, but the banned Society of the Serpent has a grip on some of the people as well.
  • Source: The Emira holds much of the source potential here, although an Anuirean wizard has control of some of the purest sources in the mountains of the east. The sorcerer, el Sirad has not only taken some of the sources of the Emira, he has taken two provinces as well and formed his own realm, the Mour el-Sirad

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