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The Daniguard is an elite force of infantry that forms the cadre of the army of Danigau

[top]The Grafenlote

The Graf's guard, the Grafenlote are a small unit selected from within the Danigaurd to serve as the personal bodyguard of the Count of Danigau himself. This elite unit is willing to travel with him into the darkest dangers and its members would give their lives for the Count. The unit consists of twenty-two members: the commander Ulrich Brechtedr, his lieutenant Eric Wotendottel and twenty other soldiers.

[top]Ulrich Brechtedr, Captain of the Guard

(MBr; F3/R2; Unblooded; LN)
Armor: duelling cloak*
Arms: Matching masterwork rapier and main gauche (both +1 to hit)
Notes: In addition to leading the Count?s Guard, Ulrich is a master fencer who is often asked to stand in for members of the royal family in duels; he is well-known throughout Danigau for his skill with the blade, unnatural speed and grim, heavily scarred face. He is specialized in the rapier and has the lightning reflexes, expertise and weapon focus feats.
==Eric Wotendottel==
(MBr; F2; Unblooded; LG)
Armor: studded leather, medium shield
Arms: sabre, dagger and light crossbow
Notes: In contrast to his silent and grim supervisor, young Eric is a boisterous, friendly and open young man who is considered something of a lady?s man around Court. His physique (STR 16, CON 15) and dashing good looks (CHA 13) probably don?t hurt. He has yet, however, to learn that court politics can bite and to watch his back. He is immensely popular among his men.

[top]The Guard

(MBr; F1; Unblooded; LN, LG, NG)
Armor: studded leather, medium shield
Arms: sabre, dagger and light crossbow
  • Dueling Cloaks are from Arms and Armor from Bastion Press, page 13. ?These large, heavy, often elaborate cloaks are weighted along the bottom edge with numerous small lead beads sewn into the seam. Dueling cloaks are used to parry with, and wound around a character?s off-hand to act as a buckler (+1 AC, -1 Armor Check, 5% Arcane Spell Failure), but may also be thrown like a net to entangle opponents. When thrown, a dueling cloak requires a ranged touch attack against its target. The cloak?s maximum range is 10 feet and it suffers no range penalties. Upon a successful hit, the cloak entangles its target. An entangled creature suffers a ?2 penalty on attack rolls a ?4 penalty on effective Dexterity, and may not change, run, or move at more than half speed. An entangled creature must succeed at a Concentration check (DC 15) to cast a spell. The entangled creature may attempt to escape by taking a full round action to pass an Escape Artist check (DC 10) or a Strength check (DC 20, the cloak has 3 hp).

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