Halskorrik clan

Kingdom: Hogunmark / Realm of the White Witch

Winter Province: Bjarkheim

Summer Province: Kandalask

Chief: Sigmund (MRj; F13; Re, minor, 13; N)
Caught in the territory between the White Witch and her traditional enemies, Chief Sigmund and the Halskorrik maintain a delicate balance between the two. They have managed to stay in the good graces of the Hoguns in winter, and are careful not to offend or anger the White Witch while hunting reindeer and musk ox in Kandalask in the summer. The Halskorrik's only major enemies are the Trygvaar, who sometimes raid their camps for food and slaves. The Halskorrik are outstanding warriors themselves; the Trygvaar rarely come away from such confrontations unscathed. The Halskorrik's friendship with a clan of forest giants in Hogunmark helps as well, for these fearsome beasts sometimes come to their Rjurik friends' aid. Respect for tradition keeps the Halskorrik coming back to Kandalask year after year.

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