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Undead are not an accepted part of Cerilian culture. Many societies abhor those who work with the undead either as their slaves or their master. For this reason, necromancy is commonly an outlawed field in religous and magical groups.
However, many Cerilians have no problems conversing with dead ancestors and seeking information or advice from them (cf. the Seidhr, the spirit druids).
Special Birthright-specific undead


  • As a rule, undead do not have bloodlines because any bloodlines they had when alive are lost on their death.
  • Some awnshegh are exceptions because of the strange circumstances of their "death" or the fact that they are not really undead.
  • Some awnshegh are exceptions because they have committed bloodtheft after becoming undead and have found a way to keep the bloodline within their body or spririt.

Example blooded "undead"

[top]The Shadow World

  • Undead normally live in the Spirit World.
  • Undead may not normally have a bloodline, but it is far more common for them to have Seeming abilities.
  • Undead can be regents of sections of the Shadow World, using their Seeming to connect to land and gain regency.

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