Siegfried ?Fido? Donnerssohn

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The Count?s champion.
M.Br; Rogue 4, Ranger 4, Fighter 6, scion 2; CG. HP 4d6+12d10+64 = 150. Cha 9, Con 18, Dex 20, Int 14, Stn 16, Wis 10. Bloodline: Reynir, great 40. 2 minor: Alertness, Endurance; 2 major: Enhanced sense, Animal affinity (dog: guard/attack breeds), 1 great (Scion tracking).
? Loyalty: punch dagger +3, keen.
? Wrath: punch dagger +3, wounding.
? Honor: scale-mail+ 2.
? Boots of Einar (speed).
Quotes: A daring quest milord, if Sera wills the goblins will not know of our presence ?til we recover the relic from their grasp, if we are discovered however the consequences will be grim?
Aye Markus, it is not done for a Count to slay one such, particularly without a trial; but this boil must be lanced swiftly and quietly.
You will unhand the lady sir; of your own will or of mine, the choice is yours ? but make it swiftly lest I choose for you.
Siegfried is the Count?s champion. Originally from Müden Siegfried leaped at the chance to improve his family?s infamous reputation far from the mocking tongues in Müden by serving Danigau.
Siegfried is a deadly warrior who fights in the legendary black-strike style of Brechtür most of the time, or with the family heirlooms, two punch daggers named Loyalty and Wrath. Siegfried feels that the punch-blades somewhat play into his families bad history and avoids using them when at court. Siegfried is the only family member in recent history to gain use of the scion tracking ability which he gained after slaying a challenger to the Count.
The Donnerssohn family gained its bloodline from Belinda a page at Deismaar. She however notoriously inherited the bulk of the family bloodline from her guard dog Blutfang which defended her at Deismaar and died with her as its ?heir? several years later. The family still breeds the tough bloodhounds ands trains them as guard or war dogs, but the frequent resemblance to their dogs has made the family something of a laughing stock in Müden. Historically members of his family have also manifested Iron Will, Bloodmark (large canine teeth, furry hair, reflective eyes), Bloodtrait, and Regeneration.
Siegfried is loyal beyond reason to the Count, as the Count neither mocks him for his family's bloodline, nor permits others to do so. Siegfried is famous in Danigau for hunting down goblin kidnappers in Urga-Zai and returning captured slaves from the goblins. Currently Siegfried is terribly worried about his little brother Kurt who vanished without a trace over a year ago while hunting rumors of assassins in Starkhundt. The Count?s magic told Siegfried that his brother lives but Siegfried has been unable to find him so far.
Siegfried has a passionate hatred for those who use words as weapons, and has given several children sound thrashings after they cornered some unfortunate victim once to often. He is somewhat prickly but once he gives his trust to someone is loyal for life. Calling Siegfried ?Fido? is a sure way to earn a duel; challengers should note that Siegfried fights for blood not honor.
Siegfried has taken a particular shine of late to Eloise Neblinger, who finds his Müden ways ?magnificently cosmopolitan? and his loyalty (and close friendship to the Count) very attractive, though her family would never agree to a match between the two due to his lineage.

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