Khinasi » Suiriene

Island of Suiriene

Lord Governor Mieles Buired

Feudal monarchy
Avani, Cuiraécen , Haelyn (State Religion), Nesirie

Wood, Grain.
Dried fish, Ships, Spices.
GB Income:
24,2/3 GB (Province 17 GB; Law 3,2/3 GB; Guild 4 GB)
RP Income:
28 RP (Province 17 RP; Law 11 RP)
24 GB (Army 15 GB; Fortifications 3,1/3 GB; Court 5 GB; Seaport ½ GB)
8 GB
40 RP
Masetiele (Province Level 5, Masetiele);

Suriene is an island realm of independent fishermen, sailors and merchants. Its shipwrights are famed throughout Khinasi and even in far off Anuire. A stable realm Suriene is lightly populated but still quite wealthy, making it a tempting target for both the Serpent and the Magian in addition to the fanatical priest-lords of Ghamoura.


Suiriene is the last Anuirean colony in Khinasi. While el-Arrasi drove the Anuireans back across the Harrowmarsh, Suiriene remained firm. The treaty sighed between Caercuillen & el-Arrasi in 1299 MA (-189 MR) guaranteed Suiriene?s existence as an Anuirean outpost within Khinasi. Despite the treaty Khinasi feelings ran high against the Anuireans, and two attempts to retake Suiriene were launched, one from Ghamoura and the other by adventurous nobles in Southern Khourane who wished to secure a place where they could rule. The second was easily defeated, displaying the skill of the Suirienese navy for the first time, while the first, launched by the Caliph of Ghamoura was much more serious and culminated with the third battle on the Taeg plain, an area which was already gaining a reputation as a killing ground.
Long before the Anuireans arrived on Suiriene, it was a Masetian possession, with cities standing where Masetiele is now and on the edge of the bay between Baered & the Green Mountains. The Island was ruled by a Tyrant, who lived in Masetiele, but there was a substantial Basarji population on the island, worshiping at the Great Temple of Basaïa in Masetiele. The last Masetian Tyrant died fighting the Serpent?s fleet, and much of Masetiele was burned to the ground. Only an influx of Basarji kept the Serpent from claiming the island as it?s own.


As (still) an Imperial colony, the island is ruled by an Imperial Governor. The line had become hereditary well before the death of Michael Roele. Suiriene was regarded as being too isolated from the rest of Anuire to be of major importance. As the Basarji Federation fragmented, the Imperial Government decided that the area was unlikely to pose a serious threat to the remaining Anuirean colonies in Brechtür and lost interest in Suiriene.

[top]The People

The people of Suiriene are somewhat unusual amongst the Khinasi, since following Roderic Durbane?s conquest of the Island in 622 HC, many Anuireans emigrated to the Island. Roderic offered substantial land grants to his lieutenants and soldiers, and they brought their families with them to the Island. The Basarji were only just in the majority on the Island even before Roderic?s arrival - many Masetians still lived on the island, and their features can be discerned in many of the inhabitants even now.
Thus modern Suirienese possess many of the best features of both the Khinasi & the Anuireans, with a few Masetian features thrown in. Anuirean is the official language of government, while Basarji is the language of day-to-day commerce - most Suirienese master both fluently.
The Suirienese are somewhat mocking of their government - having accepted long before even Michael Roele?s death that the Empire had no more relevance to them. They see the title of ?Imperial Governor? as being an anachronism, and a mark of the reluctance of the Lamgaren family to formally assume the authority that they wield.
Roderic Durbane instituted the feudal system when he conquered the island, and it was modified under the Empire, and later under the Treaty of Turin.

[top]Holdings and trade routes

Law: The lord governor's police are common and well paid regulating most of the activity of Suiriene, however in some poorer areas agents of the Serpent have subverted the police to follow their secret agenda while even some nobles are rumored to be in the Serpent's coils as local saying goes.
Temples: The folk of Suriene hold many gods sacred, powerful churches are the Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn led by Anea Kafalie and the Church of the Eternal Seas led by Cedriane Alghasne. The White Sword of Khirdai also maintains a sizable presence in the island, albeit only in the Green Mountains.
Guilds: The Merchant Consortium of Suriene is run by Sarand Fasir, a graceful Anuirean noblewoman of around 50, founded almost 130 years ago by a union of Anuirean and Khinasi traders the Merchant Consortium quickly became to foremost guild of the region by using its connections and superior capital reserves to corner ship-production in the region and thereby prevent would be competitors from obtaining the ships needed to trade between the islands. The guild currently has a fleet of four dhouras and a zebec and maintains two units of marines. The guild controls a trade route between Masetiele and Izedas in Ghamoura and a second route from Cape Arvould to Alcama also in Ghamoura, Sarand Fasir spends much of her time trying to stop the two realms going to war, and almost as much trying to detect any sign of imminent invasion.
The guild regularly feuds with its rival, the Dragonsea Coaster of the Magian's Realm, and the guild has been steadily building its military power to defend itself against the increasing belligerence of the Dragonsea coaster. Another rival of the Merchant Consortium lies in the 'Free Island Traders', these merchants deal in bulk goods and are noted for their charity to the poor, which has bought them a great deal of loyalty from the lower classes and the favor of some amongst the nobles. Unfortunately the Free Island Traders are a front for the Sons of the Serpent and their charity is carried out solely to benefit their dreaded masters plans.
Sources: Following Anuirean tradition the lord Governor of Suriene is not a mage, instead the mebhaighl of the island answers to the Wind Mage, a loyal servant of the Governor and skilled mage.


The only noble family to predate the arrival of Roderic Durbane, the el-Assires were in the middle of a dispute with the Amir at the time they he arrived. They sided with Roderic in his seizure of the Island, and retained their hold upon their territory. They rule their territory out of a sizable town on the edge of the bay on the eastern coast of the province.
The province contains copper mines, and there are some small gold mines in the hills. Otherwise there is a little farming in the southern half of the Island, but most of the people who live in this province make their living from fishing. The inhabitants of the islands off the coast are reclusive and suspicious fishers. They?re effectively cut off from the mainland, and rumors and jokes circulate of persistent inbreeding on the island.
Silent Guard Monastery
On the rocky promontory at the north-eastern corner of this province is the ruin of a large monastery built over a thousand years ago. The monastery would once have been a great fortress but has been abandoned for many years ? storms sweeping in off the Sea of Dragons have devastated it. A single path leads to the Monastery along the cliff face, easily guarded by archers in the ruins.
Two hundred & thirty years ago the monastery was the base of the bandit Aesane el-Dirra who terrorized this part of Suiriene for many years from his impregnable base until he was arrested and hung in Masetiele.
Those who have visited the Monastery report that the largest building was once a temple to Basaïa, although it was used as the feast hall by el-Dirra?s men. Most of these explorers have been searching for el-Dirra?s horde which was never found. Popular legend suggests that it lies within this temple, but the el-Assire?s discourage treasure hunters. The local merchant master Sieres Almuin is reputed to be in the pay of one of the Serpent?s agents.


This is the main farming community of Suiriene, taking advantage of the fertile plain north of the mountains. The northern farming half of the province was awarded to the Randene family as the result of a dispute with the Morthen family who control the Iron & Copper mines in the mountains. The Morthen family estate Singaven lies next to the smelting town where the Iron ore is purified & turned into steel. Much of this steel is carted away north to the shipyards in Masetiele where the copper & steel is used for the ships. The waste from this process has poisoned the Iringelle bay and the once rich shellfish beds have dried up.

[top]Cape Arvuold

Note: The island off the coast of Cape Arvuold is where the Wind Mage is based. Its sheer cliffs would prevent ships landing here even if it wasn?t for the strong winds which constantly blow around it.

[top]Green Mountains

This province is named for the mosses & ferns which grow in its valleys. The heavy rains it receives ensure these plants grow well and the province is noted for its outstanding natural beauty as much as its full harvests.


The most heavily populated province, Masetiele is a city-state dominated by the Lord Governors palace and the towers of the Sea fortifications - the city has no substantial defenses to the land but has always protected its ship-yards from those who would harm the island's interests. the province famously has but a single tree, a lemon tree growing in the courtyard of the governors palace - all other trees were long ago cut down for lumber.


This province is controlled by the Randene family, who husband the trees in this province. Northcape?s only real material resource is it?s lumber, and they realized this long ago - while the rest of the Island was deforested to build the navies, the Randenes have been careful to plant as many oaks as they use, and these oaks are trained to grow to produce the correct size & shape timbers for the Imperial Fleet.
The Eastern half of this province is very damp, almost a rain forest. Rather than yielding Oaks (which were actually only introduced to this Island by the Anuireans) it is an excellent source of Hard woods such as mahogany & teak. It?s home to several different species of monkey, as well as many spectacular birds.
This semi-legendary site within the woods has not been found for many years. It is reputed that fairies of one sort or another gather here, and that they will grant wishes to those brave souls who can find this place. However the tales of Shaem Diraed, a squire of the Randene family cast this place in a different light. He came here once to try and win the love of Mieral Randene, and was found three days later, his hair, skin & eyes bleached white as bone, unable to speak.
Al-Mourrie lies somewhere within the Rainforest of Northcape, a clearing some five hundred feet across filled with small pools of water that wreath the area in perpetual steam.

[top]Taeg Plain

This huge expanse of dark, rocky land is generally unsuitable for farming, and so has remained little settled by either Khinasi or Anuireans. The province is noted for having been fought over more than the rest of Suiriene put together despite (or perhaps because) it is the worst land for growing crops.
Three great battles have been fought here. The first was when Roderic Durbane first conquered the island. Having seized Masetiele in a daring raid his troops confronted those of the Amir of el-Suri, which they had driven from the city. Roderic seemed to be outnumbered, but fought his was through to the heart of the Khinasi army & defeated the Amir in single combat.
He ordered the Amir and his retinue to be buried under a cairn of the black rocks that dotted the plain, and this cairn still remains today.
The second battle was between Cedras Durbane and the southern lords. Cedras felt that Suiriene?s best interests were served by becoming part of the Anuirean empire. When his southern lords disagreed they attempted to depose him, but his small baronial army, together with troops lead by the Duke of Diemed who was here as the Empire?s representative, soundly thrashed the southern Lords and forced them to accede. Unfortunately Cedras perished in the course of the battle, leaving no heir. The Duke of Diemed then appointed Sendred Lamgaren, Durbane?s captain at arms as the ruler of the island, and left him with sufficient troops to quell any further resistance.
The final battle upon the Taeg plain was between troops of the Caliph of Ghamoura and Andrau Lamgaren in 1314 MA in which the Caliph?s troops were resoundingly defeated. Unfortunately Andrau was killed by an arrow fired by a fleeing Khinasi archer, which killed him. However his fifteen year old son was able to succeed him, and take the Caliph?s surrender.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Suiriene
el-Assire (3/4)Mbu (2)Dth (3)Mbu (1)Wma (3)
Sos (1)
Baered (3/2)Mbu (2)Gta (2)Mcs (2)Wma (2)
Sos (0)
Cape Arvuold (2/7)Mbu (1)Ets(2)Mcs (2)Wma (4)
Green Mountains (3/4)Mbu (2)Wsk (3)Mbu (1)Wma (3)
Sos (1)
Masetiele (5/0)Mbu (3)Gta (3)Mbu (2)Wma (0)
Sos (0)Dth (2)Mcs (3)
Drc (0)
Northcape (1/8)Mbu (1)Gta (1)Mcs (1)Wma (7)
Taeg Plain (0/5)Mbu (1)Gta (1)Mcs (1)Wma (2)
Abbreviations: Mbu=Mieles Buired (Suiriene); Dth=Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn (Anea Kafalie); Sos=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); Wma=Wind Mage (Nashal ibn Remil); Gta= Great Temple of Avani (Dizel Lafirz); Mcs=Merchant Consortium of Suiriene (Sarand Fasir); Ets= Church of Eternal Seas (Cedriane Alghasne); Wsk=White Sword of Khirdai (Faroud min Gheirut); DrC= Dragonsea Coster (Huseti Trosane).

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