Prelate Konrad

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Male Brecht Guilder 6

Lieutenant for Sera's Perfekt Symmetry in Blackruft



LN Medium humanoid

HP 5d6-12 = 12.

Abilities: Cha 12, Con 7, Dex 8, Int 17, Str 8, Wis 15
Typical dialogue:

I see milord. Your planned response?

Noted. I suggest caution


Konrad was once a guilder until a prolonged illness led him to turn to Sera. Konrad has no magical ability and won his position through fiscal acuity; he is notorious for keeping track of every silver pfennig that passes through the church.
Konrad is based at the cathedral at Blackruft, he is noted for carefully reasoned sermons which lack passion but make up for it in perceptiveness and brevity ? Konrad never uses 10 words where 1 can do the job. Konrad was valued for his shrewd advice by Count Erik and the Count?s support has done much to help Konrad maintain the unity of the church in Danigau.

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