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Avani (State Religion), Haelyn

horses and cattle


Geographically, Elinie, is a domain of the Heartlands, but culturally it shares more with the Eastern Marches. Resolute and indomitable, rough and tumble, and somewhat lawless, Elinie stands next to three hostile domains, including a puppet of the Gorgon. Nonetheless, Elinie prospers.

[top]Life and Society

The people of Elinie resemble inhabitants of the Eastern Marches more than those of the Heartlands in temperament. Though it borders on three hostile domains - or perhaps because it does ? Eliniens have an indomitable spirit. They stand resolute in their devotion to their regent, though they might not approve that he chose to worship Avanalae when most Anuireans follow Haelyn. Still, his ancestors brought prosperity to a kingdom slowly degenerating, and every successive generation has made Elinie stronger. The people thank him with their unwavering loyalty.

However many in Anuire find the thought of living under one of the Khinasi a fearsome prospect. Though the Daouta family has ruled this kingdom for hundreds of years, those who live outside Elinie fear the Khinasi influence has corrupted its citizens. This prejudice has caused Elinie?s population to remain fairly constant, while nearby domains continue to grow.

Nonetheless, Elinie prospers. Cattle and horses aplenty roam here, taking their sustenance from the grasslands bordering on Coeranys and Mhoried. Some of the hills rising and falling throughout the country conceal ancient elven fortresses whose secrets have not yet been unlocked. The swamp Hope's Demise squats on the kingdom's eastern border, hiding hydras and other monsters no one can guess at, as well as the occasional criminal fleeing the kingdom of Coeranys or the patriarch's gentle but firm laws. To the north lies the Sielwode, and woe betide the fool who wanders in sight of its unpredictable elves. Elinie remains unique and beloved of its people.

[top]The Land


Ansien ...


Chalsedon ...

[top]Hope's Demise


Mholien ...


Osoeriene ...


Sendouras ...


Soileite ...


The patriarch´s ancestor came to Anuire in the company of Khinasi raiders (assassins, really) some 700 years ago. Their mission was to investigate how to break Anuire's hold on their homeland. Though they only made it as far as Elinie, they saw enough to make them realize it would be no simple matter to dissolve the Empire.

While resupplying in Elinie for the trip back to Khinasi, they learned that the corrupt ruler of the kingdom was destroying the land, Daouta ibn Hamoud, a scion of Khinasi, slew the regent, assumed the mantle of rulership of Elinie, and set about building a family and a dynasty.

Now, after 700 years of ruling, Elinie, the Daouta family has given up most Khinasi traditions, but their dark brown skin marks their ethnic derivation. Depending on where they travel, their background accords them great respect or great hatred.

[top]Important Figures

  • Lances of the Dawn is an order of Elinie which is a rival to the Brotherhood of the Spur in Ghoere.
  • Patriarch Assan ibn Daouta (MKh; Pal10; Ba, Major, 47; LG), rules Elinie. The patriarch, an old man of strict nature, does not believe in meddling in the affairs of other kingdoms - and not much in his own. Though his calling as ruler demands he provide law for his people, he prefers they find their paths on their own. He does not often legislate their concerns, but instead offers his wise suggestions in the Khinasi fashion. When folks take his suggestions to heart, they prosper. When they don't, the result is unforeseeable. His justice to wrongdoers can be terrible.
  • The patriarch has three sons and three daughters, all paladins, striving to carry out the goddess Avani's will. Though they compete to become heir, they feel no animosity toward each other - they know the patriarch will choose whoever acquits himself best.
  • The Life and Protection of Avanalae seems strong here. Though Medhlorie Haensen,the hierophant of this domain, is not Khinasi, she adheres strictly to Khinasi beliefs and urges her followers to do the same. They do call their goddess Avanalae, but only because the Anuirean name appeals to them more than the Khinasi name, Avani. The hierophant appears malleable to the wishes of the Khinasi rulers.
  • Guildmaster Elamien Lamier headquarters her Points East Trading Guild in Elinie, her homeland.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

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Elinie domain table


Ansien (5/0)
AD (1)
LPA (3)
HA (2)
EL (5)
Chalsedon (3/2)
AD (1)
HA (3)
EL (3)
SM (2)
AD (1)
LPA (2)
EL (1)
Sw2 (5)
Mholien (2/3)
AD (1)
HA (2)
EL (2)
Sw2 (3)
Rg (0)
Osoeriene (3/2)
AD (3)
LPA (3)
EL (3)
SM (2)
Sendouras (3/2)
AD (1)
LPA (2)
EL (3)
SM (2)
Soileite (2/3)
AD (1)
LPA (2)
EL (2)
Sw2 (3)

  • Law: Assan ibn Daouta risks his state by ignoring the law. His rule is feeble and his neglect puts all of Anuire at risk of the Gorgon's next rampage.
  • Temples: Most temples in the domain belong to the Life and Protection of Avanalae, though Haelyn's Aegis has some influence here.
  • Guilds: Guildmaster Elamien Lamier controls the trade here.
  • Source: The Sword Mage and the Second Swamp Mage control the sources here.

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