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framed|The Arms of Volse

Male Brecht Noble 2/ Guilder 5; CR 7

Guildmaster of Burgundy Slepsid

Minor Bloodline of Brenna, 20

CN Medium Humanoid

HP 7d6+7 = 24

Init , Senses Spot , Listen

Languages Brecht




Base Atk , Grp

Abilities Cha 16, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 14, Str 14, Wis 12



Special Qualities Detect Lie (minor)

framed|Volse Redbedtehr

Typical Dialogue:

"Of course I love you my dear, no woman has ever meant so much to me, I would be bereft without you by my side, you are my sun and my moon combined, the rose that has awakened the poet long forgotten in my soul."
"Remember which one that was for me Woden, I may indulge in her again."
"Oh dear, another month another excuse, I think that it is time we reeled in this catch Woden, it is time Gunther realized the true price of paying his debt."
"You must discover how they find my ships Richard! A spy in my ranks? Some fell dweomer? How else are so many vessels attacked in so short a span of time?"

Less driven than his sister Ilse Redbedtehr, Volse is more openly aristocratic ? he was his mother?s heir and knew it from the time he learned to walk. Volse spends more time than his sister in diplomacy, but also more time in general merriment and celebrations. Volse is a noted philanderer and has left a series of smitten girls in his wake, Volse considers these conquests simply his due and forgets the girls even before his bed has cooled after their ardor.
In between parties and entertaining, Volse is a noted shipbuilder, although he has suffered an unusual amount of misfortune. His career began inauspiciously when one of his first ships was sunk by the incompetence of the drunken Pieter Vulfheim; many refused to believe that Pieter was responsible for the disaster and instead blamed Volse. It took Volse several years to rebuild his reputation despite his agents doing their utmost to discredit Pieter. He believes to this day that his sister was behind the hardship he suffered.
Volse used his network of connections to obtain the right to build his own shipyards and was well on his way to making a fortune when the shipyards in Starkhundt burnt to the ground. Volse is now forced to build his ships in the Count?s shipyards at Blackgate once more. He seeks revenge to ?give the filthy Rjurik barbarians a taste of their own medicine!? But, his plans to build raiding ships have been put on hold ? Count Erik Danig has prohibited the construction of warships. Volse is slowly rebuilding his shipyards but it will be several seasons yet before they are completed. He hopes to build the warships he seeks once he is free from the docks of the Count.
Volse is currently smarting from the loss of several ships to Grabentod pirates and is trying to encourage the Count to strike at Grabentod, the Count?s failure to act to date had led Volse to consider a whispering campaign to make the Count look weak and force him to act against Grabentod.
Volse suspects that his despised sister Ilse is behind the pirate?s uncanny successes of late and is so furious he is beginning to consider tipping them off about the movements of her ships despite the inevitable wrath of the Count if his involvement was ever discovered. To Volse?s mind if Ilse?s cargo was valuable enough it would be worth paying handsomely simply to deprive her of it and ensure that sufficient pirates attack the ship to ensure a clean success and getaway.
Other plans include strengthening his ties to Müden, Berhagen and Grevesmühl either by building his holdings there into true guilds or at least ensuring that his sister is given cold welcome if she tries to open trade routes to the developed realms in the east.
Volse is trying to set up a guild in Katljappen in Berhagen but has been stymied so far by the bandits led by Kelda Auslawsen, his small outpost in the province was recently burnt down by the brigands and Volse?s pride is still smarting from the attack.
Volse would also like to control both ends of his trade route to Cohrtab in Müden and sees the relatively disorganized trade as the province as an invitation, he has so far moved slowly to avoid annoying Theofold Segwardes of the Brecht Seelundkaufen who currently supplies Volse?s ships with grain from both Cohrtab and Allesrecht.
Volse is not however trying to build up guilds in Grevesmühl, he would far rather simply marry Arlinda Aldor of the Black Ice Traders; Volse has supplied Arlinda with substantial quantities of weapons obtained from his sister in exchange for foodstuffs and he would like nothing more than to see Arlinda take the throne from the weak Shaemes Karlburgher and sit by his side as her husband. The cunning guildmistress however is more than a match for Volse and despite his aid has given little in return beside promises; she admires his physical beauty but has no desire to simply be another notch in his bedpost ? and she regards his ambition as a danger to her own command of her guilds.
Volse typically spends his wealth on travel, building ships, and gifts to his hoped-for bride, Arlinda Volse also spends money on his projects in Katljappen in Berhagen and Cohrtab in Müden, if he could focus on one of these he might be successful, however Volse fits from one to another like he flits between girls, thinking of the next plan as soon as he has tasted of the first.
Volse relies heavily on Woden the Sly, a cunning old sailor who never forgets either a face or a grudge, and sees Volse almost as a son. Another favorite of Volse is Captain Jaeric, a deadly duelist with a keen, almost uncanny insight into pirates ? and who has been all but named so by Ilse Redbedtehr on occasion with the current surge in piracy following Captain Jaeric?s near death in a freak accident Volse hopes that his friends recovery will herald a return to pirate-free profitability.

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