Jarnkasspel clan

Kingdom: Hogunmark

Winter Province: Bjarkheim

Summer Province: Fjoltyr

Chief: Axel Tjarlhan (MRj; F11; Ba, minor, 12; LG)
The Jarnkasspel are highly insular, ascetic, devoted followers of Erik. They inhabit the deep forests of Hogunmark and shun the company of outsiders. Some claim that traces of elven blood flow in their veins, the result of an ancient alliance or association between the tribe and the elves of Lluabraight. Given the elves' fanatical hatred of humans, however, many believe that this is unlikely.
The Jarnkasspel are a strange group, seemingly midway between human and elven cultures. They obey Erik's edicts to safeguard nature and never take from it needlessly, even to the point of endangering their own tribe with starvation or exposure.
In the wilderness, the presence of this tribe is barely noticeable, so careful are these folk to conceal themselves from visiting strangers. They do not hate outsiders, but simply prefer to avoid them. The Jarnkasspel will not hesitate to aid travelers in need; the starving, wounded or dying are brought to their camps and tended or fed. The Jarnkasspel ask only that individuals so privileged never reveal the locations of their camps. So far, all guests of the Jarnkasspel seem to have respected the tribe's request.

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