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Sera (State Religion), Kirche

Clothing, finished goods, metal
Grain, foodstuffs, wool
GB Income:
? GB (Province ? GB; Law ? GB; Trade ?; Rent ? GB; Tribute ? GB)
RP Income:
25 RP (Province ? RP; Law ? RP)
? GB (Army ? GB; Fortifications ? GB; Court ? GB; Ports and Shipyards ? GB)
12 GB
18 RP
Aulbrunn City Walls (level ?)


Like Kiergard to the south, modern Wierech is a victim of the Gorgon. Less than a dozen years ago, the Duke of Wierech built a mighty fortress city called Adlersburg overlooking the Gorgon's Crown. For the Duke's impetuousness, the Gorgon bent all of his might against the tiny land. Adlersburg was shattered and with it the royal line of Wierech and the strength of the land itself. While Wierech is today free, it was only due to the combined forces of Müden and Danigau. What was once the breadbasket of the west is today a shadow of its former self. Kier Adler, the Baronet of Wierech, clings to rulership but gains little respect from the realms around him.

Wierech is believed to be under the protection of the mysterious creature known as The Fae.

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Domain Table: Wierech
Adler (2/3)Ki (1)KT (2)DSm (2)-
Two Giant's Tread (4/3)Ki (1)DW (4)DSm (2)Fa (?)
MS (2)
Ulbrun (5/2)Ki (5)DW (3)DSm (3)Fa (?)
MS (2)
Wasser's Reach (4/3)Ki (3)KT (3)DSm (1)-
MS (2)
Abbreviations: Ki = Kiel Adler (Baronet of Wierech); DW = Darold Wohlkern (Sera's Perfekt Symmetry); KT = Kirche's Tundarr (Karl Tehrbach); DSm = Darlure Smoothface (Copper & Coke); MS = Moon Shine Sailors (Siele the Fisherman); Fa = the Fae.

  • Law: Law: All law in the realm, such as it is, answers to the baronet Kiel Adler. He does not depend on his noble title (originally from Danigau) to defend his right to rule instead, he answers challenges to his power with his spear-tipped axe.
  • Temples: Darold Wohlkern of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry makes his home in Wierech (his court is in Aulbrunn), but travels extensively up and down the western coast. As a result, a new temple, Kirche's Tundarr, led by the paladin Karl Tehrbach, has assumed the mantle of spiritual protector for many people in the realm.
  • Guilds: Darlure Smoothface controls the Copper & Coke miners and remain on good terms with the dwarves in Dauren. The Moon Shine Sailors, a thieves' guild led by the mysterious Siele the Fisherman, have learned not to prey on the miners, though they often waylay trade caravans and rich merchants on the coast.
  • Source: The Fae is believed to control sources in this domain.

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