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elven city province of Wyndil

elven cloth, foodstuffs

3 Gruenlaef Giuaryd (scouts), 2 Moonsilver Spayr (archers), 3 Stayrshuynwydden (pikes), 1 Sayer Spayr (archers), 1 Sayer Giuaryd (scouts)


Within the trees of the Coulladaraight lies the elven realm of Coullabhie. Few outsiders are allowed to enter this ancient kingdom, especially not humans. However, some trading is possible, especially with those from Treucht and the halflings of the Burrows.

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Domain Table: Coullabhie
Angbryn (3/9)Rh (1)--CB (9)
Caerpriddy (3/9)Rh (1)--CB (8)
Erystwyth (2/9)Rh (2)--CB (8)
Llandrae (1/9)Rh (1)--CB (9)
Milfynn (1/7)Rh (1)--CB (6)
Mythelwyd (1/7)Rh (1)--CB (7)
Newyth (2/9)Rh (2)--CB (9)
Nob Heath (3/9)Rh (3)--CB (6)
---RG (3)
Treuchlyn (5/9)Rh (5)-FH (4)CB (6)
Wyndil (6/9)Rh (6)-FH (5)CB (5)
Abbreviations: Rh = Rhiana Waynmuun (Protector of the Coulladaraight); FH = Fin Haeaelfyn (Fin's Harvesters); CB = Camyrynnyd Bullahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie); RG = Rheulan Greencloack (Wizard of Rheulgard).

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