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Covered by the eastern reaches of the great Klessberg glacier, the northern provinces of the Icemarch know no summertime. When the Leviathan’s reach becomes choked with ice floes in the winter, one would think a traveler could walk from the frost-covered realm to Torova Temylatin. But anyone who walks the Icemarch in the winter has more to concern himself with than the northernmost land mass of Cerilia.

Always cold, always frozen, some say the Icemarch came under a terrible curse before humans ever came to Cerilia. Even Drachenward, which lies farther to the north, has a better climate than the Icemarch. The realm’s forests remain covered with snow and ice year ‘round.

Yet people do live in Icemarch. Nomadic Vos, even more barbaric than their southern brethren, haunt this frozen waste, searching for food and shelter in a war against nature that lasts all year. They compete with ice goblins and fell beasts for survival, and even the most battle-hardened southern Vos give them a wide berth.

One city supposedly exists in the Icemarch: the fabled Timoshev. Built, it is said, completely out of enchanted ice and carved from the eastern edge of the Klessberg glacier, “Ice Tower” (as the name translates) houses beasts accustomed to living on frozen lands. It is said a powerful wizard rules and maintains the frozen city, but no reliable sources can be found to confirm (or deny) this legend.

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