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[top]Rudolf Meissan

Male Brecht Wizard 5
Minor bloodline of Reynir, 26
CG Medium Humanoid.
Abilities: Cha 8, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 14, Str 16, Wis 12.
Blood abilities: 2 minor, Animal affinity, forest walk.


"Will we never be accepted as truly of Danigau? How many generations must we be scorned? I will not see my children mocked as I have been for the supposed sin of an ancestor."

"Another scheme Hans? Will this one bring down my family as the last nearly did your own? I must find some way to redeem my family in my own way ? association with you can only harm our name."

"Your grace, I understand your desires, but though Father Garth is curt of late, the people yet prosper under his guidance."

Rudolf has spent his life trying to prove his family?s worth, the people of Hoklep truly respect their hard working Baron, as do the sailors who know that only the Baron?s efforts keep the lighthouse shining, dim though it is compared with years past.
Rudolf has begun to doubt that his family will ever be accepted properly, and has begun making discrete enquiries with contacts in Berhagen, he traveled there as a young man and found that the family bloodline was very effective in the forests of Holstadt and Ilfressen. He has even wondered if he might be able to create some source holdings there, as if he could he would be of significant use to Baron Ludwig von Schaeffen and so assured of a place amongst the nobility. He also has a lot of experience with the guilds and is on quite good terms with Volse Redbedtehr who trades from Hoklep to Holstadt though he despises Volse?s attitude towards women.
Rudolf has considered sending his son Hugo to Holstadt as Volse?s man to found guild holdings on Volse?s behalf, or in the family name to trade with Volse. So far his loyalty to Danigau has prevented him from doing more than buying some parcels of Berhagen land, but years of scorn have stretched his loyalty to breaking point.
Rudolf would be interested in any character with knowledge of Berhagen, particularly of Baron Ludwig. Alternatively (for he is by nature a very loyal man) any means of proving his worth to the Count would be invaluable to him.

[top]Hugo Meissan

Male Brecht Guilder 3.

Minor Bloodline of Reynir, 20

NG Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 14, Con 12, Dex 14, Int 16, Str 12, Wis 12.

Blood abilities: 1 minor, Animal Affinity.

"A toll? How droll! This is the Count?s highway fools; only his sheriffs may demand coin from those who travel it, perhaps you should seek gainful employment of some sorts ? the life of a highwayman is at best brief and brutal - as my guards will show you unless you drop your blades - now."
Hugo has his mother?s wit but his father?s drive. Hugo owns several fishing boats in his own name having bought them damaged and rebuilt them in seaworthy condition. Hugo is a noted traveler and is liked for his ready wit and stories of other realms.

[top]Matilda Meissan-Tiller

Female Brecht, no class.

Minor Bloodline of Reynir, 20

N Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 15, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 10, Str 8, Wis 10

Blood abilities: 1 minor, Animal affinity.

"But have you spoken to him husband? Where is your ambition? Unless you demand your due; ever will you be over-looked! Oh must I do everything for you?"

"You! Peasant! Can you swing that sword you carry? I have need of a minion and will pay handsomely for expertise."
Rudolf?s younger sister Matilda spends most of her time feeling sorry for herself because her family is never really treated as one of the court, the weather makes her hair frizz and her fourth husband spends long periods of time at sea trading goods for Volse Redbedtehr (her long-suffering husband is only man in Danigau to consider it relaxing to work for Volse ? Matilda is rumored to have worn out her first three husbands). Matilda frequently hires adventurers to win her family fame and glory, but most of the beneficiaries of her wealth leave her services after a few months due to Matilda?s demanding nature and her belief that anyone she employs is a servant to tend to her whim.

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