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Seneschal to the Count
M.Br; Rg3/Ar1; CG.
Cha 16, Con 12, Dex 14, Int 12, Stn 12, Wis 10. Bloodline: Brenna, Great, 47.
Equipment: Dashing clothing, a rapier and main-gauche, a Ring of Protection +1.
Quote: Certainly Uncle Albrecht, I will bring you ten selkies if you wish.
My brother! The time for Danigau's isolation is over, we should be expanding ourselves outwards, bringing new markets to our people. Have you considered my plans for Thaele?
The younger brother of Erik and Ludwig Danig, Hermann is young (25 years old), handsome and dashing; he is undoubtedly the most desirable bachelor at the court and is probably slated for a match with a foreign noblewoman. In the meantime, however, Hermann seeks to enjoy a life of adventure and notoriety. He views himself as something of a merchant, and although he has fixed routes, he is often organizing trading expeditions to exotic lands. Despite his youth, he is one of the most well-traveled members of the royal house, having traveled as far as the Imperial City of Anuire in one direction and the great port of Ariya in the other. His latest adventure involved traveling to Thaele in order to capture a live polar bear for his uncle Albrecht (see below); his visit to the Cold Continent has spurred his vivid imagination and he has begun pressing his brother to consider creating a Danig colony on Thaele. So far his exhortations have fallen on deaf ears. Hermann is, however, quite irrepressible and continues to advocate for colonization.

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