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Resources: Copper, gems, fish.
Population: 9,500


Sometimes called the shield of Danigau, Hoklep is little more than a string of mountains standing out into the Krakennauricht. The province takes the brunt of storms sweeping in from the west and is the favored target of sea-raiders unable to breach the walls of Blackgate but unwilling to return home empty handed.


Hoklep is home to large numbers of fishing villages but only one town of any size, Hoklep?s point. Situated as the name suggests at the extreme north of the province the town is home to to perhaps 900 including Danigau?s famed coastguards, selfless heroes who give aid to those seeking refuge against storms by sailing into the teeth of gales to rescue stricken ships or sailors lost overboard, although even these stalwarts rarely manage to save those thrown into the near-freezing waters of the Krakennauricht.
On a fine day one can just see Danig?s isle from the lighthouse in Hoklep?s point and baron Rudolf Meissan has long desired to see if the isle could be settled. Unfortunately the Meissan family has some Anuirean blood and as a result is considered somewhat less ?pure? than full Brecht, the Count doesn?t openly disparage the family, but he does considers that their ancestors suspect judgment could run in the family and has therefore taken no action on this point.

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The lighthouse of Hoklep?s point is celebrated in a hundred bards tales as being a sign of safety finally at hand as well as a warning against the rocks against which so many ships have grounded. The lighthouse has been damaged by recent storms and is not the wonder it once was, but it still saves dozens of merchant ships a year, Baron Rudolf often asks the Count to allocate funds to rebuild it. Wary of the huge expense the Count always found some reason to refuse.
The Rip-rocks. These deadly rocks are exposed during the lowest tides but generally lie below the surface, detectable only to those who see the sea foaming. The rip rocks are plagued by deadly strong currents and the sharp rocks have torn out the hull of hundreds of vessels over the years and sent the contents and crew to litter the ocean bed about the rocks. On occasion a vessel is caught between two or more of the rip rocks, which each stand a hundred feet from the floor like deadly spears, a few of these ships are even repaired and refloated before the inevitable gale drives them fully onto the rocks and doom.

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