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The former realm of Djira is now comprised of the Basilisk's Domain and the Black Spear Tribes.

The decline of Djira began with the victory of the future Mushir, Malik el-Badr, over the tainted sorcerer Corazon el-Ekki, the so-called Pain Witch. Malik, himself a mighty sorcerer, defeated the Pain Witch and in so doing, tainted his own bloodline. The noble and disciplined Mushir Malik never gave any indication of his tainted bloodline. He stood for everything noble, loyal, and beautiful. His son, however, born after his great victory, was thoroughly corrupted and eventually grew to become the Basilisk. When his father died, the son kept himself isolated for many years, despite his succession to the Mushirate of el-Besr. However, when he became the Basilisk he assumed regency in this realm and renounced any connection to Djira.

Djira declared war to recover these rebellious provinces, but the war went poorly for Djira, and the consequence was the Basilisk roamed northern Djira and his minions raided Djira at will thereafter.

The Djiran Sultan's house married the other great houses, including significantly, the Sultanate of Djafra. The marriage of Sultan Fayiz el-Djira to Jaheira el-Djafara failed to heal the rivalry between Djira and Djafra and several brief wars were conducted despite the marriage. During a prolonged peace, Djafra and Djira both sought allies. Djafra allied with Aftane and both vowed friendship and cooperation against Djira. Meanwhile, Djira made an alliance with Khourane, long a rival of Djafra.

Sultan Fayiz and Jaheira had a son, but Fayiz died when he was still a boy. The noble council of Djira, fearful of war found that the regency settled itself better on Fayiz' brother, Alejan el-Djira. Djafra demanded that the succession pass to the son of Fayiz and Jaheira. When Alejan was crowned Sultan, Djafra declared war. Aftane was swift to move, and the realms of Aftane and Djafra communicated by sea, and dominated the waters. Khourane did not receive news of the war swiftly, and then had to move across the Rain Serpent Mountains.

Sultan Alejan led his army to face the Djafrans and defeated them at Dawka in Seiria. He then turned to relieve the siege of Ras Assad in the province so named. Alejan out-maneuvered the army of Aftane and forced their retreat, burning the bridge to Aftane as well. Word arrived that the army of Khourane was entering the Rain Serpent Mountains, so Alejan moved to strike at Djafra as well. The Djafrans had no fear that the army of Khourane would arrive too swiftly, and was prepared to counter Alejan. In a hard fought battle, Alejan was defeated, but fell back with a good part of his army. However, Alejan was unable to raise a force sufficient to face either Aftane or Djafra again. Both realms brutally pillaged Djiran for several years. Djafra was unable to successfully invest Jaheira's son, and put a scion of Djafra on the throne of Djira.

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Aftane captured the city of Djira and began to propose partitioning Djira into three parts. One for Aftane, one for Alejan, and one for Djafra or its candidate. Djafra, however continued to demand the succession of Jaheira's son as Sultan of the whole of Djira. As the army of Khourane crossed into Djafra, the Djafrans could not sustain major operations in Djira. Aftane solidified its hold on western Djira and some of its nobles began to occupy lands. Djafra inflicted a reverse on Khourane, who made a separate peace.

The proud Sultan of Djafra felt betrayed by Aftane's occupation and the cooperation between them collapsed. Without much direct conflict, Aftane and Djafra competed for control of Djira. The consequence for Djira was catastrophic. Aftane hired the Black Spear Tribes to lay waste to eastern Djira. The Black Spear Tribes, once in, never left. With fire and sword they laid waste to Djira. Other gnoll bands followed the rumors of loot. Until recently, gnoll raiders, Aftane occupiers, Djafran soldeirs, and Djiran loyalists all competed for the land. About twenty years ago, the Khinasi saw the first influence of el-Sheighül. He used sorcery.

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