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NPC Realm


GB Income:
22 GB (taxes) , 6 GB ( Master of the hunt), 7.4 GB (Laeddra), 1 GB (Tyddral)
RP Income:
50 (Laeddra) 18 (Master of the hunt)

4 Elven infantry, 2 elven homeguards, 2 elven archers, 2 knights (gheallie Sidhe).


Lluabraight ( /ɬɪɑːbrˈaI̯g/ or /ɬɪɑːbrˈaI̯θ/ ) is the last remnant of the great and powerful elven kingdoms that once thrived in the Northlands and what is now called the Wild Lands. Beset on all sides by ruthless enemies, the elf lords of Lluabraight continue to fight on, arrogant and unwilling to seek help from any but another elf. The gheallie Sidhe still roams the borders of this land in greatly reduced numbers, standing watch over a handful of ancient fanes and slender towers that still exist in this world. No outsider - whether goblin, orog, or man - is welcome here.

[top]Life and Society

The elves of Lluabraight are a sad, fatalistic race who rarely smile or laugh but are determined to hold on until the bitter end.

[top]The Land

Most of Lluabraight is thick with forests. Its elven settlements are well hidden, both magically and mundanely, from the prying eyes of outsiders. The River Sidhebyrn form the land's western borders.
The City of Rhosneibhal is the kingdom's capital.


Lluabraight’s origins are lost in the dim past. It is known that the realm has stood for at least 5.000 years and its current ruling house has controlled the realm for 30 centuries.
Once encompassing much of the Northern Highlands of Cerilia, Lluabraight has been reduced to its current size through pressure by humans, humanoids and the destructive powers of the awnsheghlien.
Most recently the two southern provinces of Rhuiddar and Caer Cwnnar have fallen to the humanoids of the Giantdowns.


Grim, isolated and arrogant, the elves of Lluabraight mantain a rigid and archaic social system ruled by a hereditary monarch and a various nobles. These nobles partecipate each decade in elaborate contests and cerimonies intended to choose the various Masters and Mistress who oversee the actual business of the realm.

[top]Important Figures

The wizardess Tyddral controls the sources outside the City of Rhosneibhal and is an assistant of Queen Llaeddra Siannodenel.

The Master of the Hunt, Sir Aelwynn, commands the gheallie Sidhe and faithfully patrols the realm's forests.

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

  • Some says that Ghuralli's real intention is the invasion of the forest, that the Awnshegh is looking for something that was lost ages ago, connected to the creature that gave him his powers;
  • Not everyone is happy about how Laeddra is ruling the realm in such modern times - If the elves want to survive as a species, they need to adapt to the current world. That means stopping the fanatical ghaellie Sidhe for good;
  • Not everyone is happy about how Laeddra is ruling the realm in such horrible times - If the elves want to survive as a species, they need to cleanse the forest of the parasites and enemies of the Sidhe. The Master of the hunt has a soft hand, and that is frowned upon many nobles who lost their relatives during the first human wars.
  • The Witch has been reported to have taken interest in the western regions of the forest. She is looking for something, something that should have been in the Downs but has moved here ages ago.
  • They say that in the center of the forest, a portal to the shadow world appears during winter. It is fabled that such portal was created to connect the Sidhe to the Seelie, before the humans and their gods, and that may be a key to an evacuation ... or an invasion from the Cold Rider's minions.
  • Cerilia is lost. There is no need to deny it anymore. Just like the humans in their old ways, the Elves must start anew in a new continent, perhaps the mythical Thule, or Thaele as the humans spelll it, up north, after the glimmering sea.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Lluabraight
Adothcwr (1/8)MH (1)--Ty (6)
Ll (2)
Bannoch (1/8)MH (1)--Ty (2)
Ll (6)
Caer Dwyth (1/8)MH (1)--Ll (9)
Challra (2/6)MH (1)--Ll (8)
Cwnddrrd (2/6)MH (2)--Ll (6)
Druinedd (2/7)MH (1)--Ty (5)
Ll (2)
Gwyddral (2/7)MH (2)--Ty (2)
Ll (5)
Llwaiss (2/7)MH (1)--Ll (7)
Monellrha (3/6)MH (2)--Ll (6)
Rhoisneibhal (4/5)MH (4)--Ty (3)
Ll (2)
Thalbrough (2/7)MH (2)--Ty (2)
Ll (5)
Abbreviations: MH = Master of the Hunt; Ty = Tyddral; Ll = Laeddra;

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