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The Fae is reputed to be an ehrshegh woman, either of Anuirean, Brecht, or Sidhe origin. The Fae is said to have green skin, a lithe sidhe build, and wings of gossamer. She is said to be very beautiful, abhor violence and avoid contact with all but the pure of heart.

[top]The Land

The Fae makes her home to the east of the Gorgon's Crown, and the mebhaighl of several provinces answers to her. The people of the lands talk of the Fae as a myth, soldiers say of mists that abruptly closed in as they fled minion's of the Gorgon or goblins, townsfolk talk of the wildlife of the area leading them safely home after they became lost, and travelers talk of a figure dancing in the moonlight to the music of satyrs.


The Fae is rumored to have lived in the lands for generations, protecting them from the Gorgon and undoing his sorceries. Most sages scoff at such talk and say that the mighty awnshegh would have slain her long ago were this so.


The Fae avoids politics entirely.

[top]Important Figures

Some say that the Fae is attended by a court of wildlife and fairies, that a spirit called the Brownie serves her as spy and that a mighty bear invulnerable to iron guards her as she sleeps.

[top]Plots and Rumors

Goblin and Ogre bounty hunters and slavers from Kiergaard often hunt the Fae hoping to be rewarded richly by the Gorgon should they capture her. Locals seek out the Fae for aid, or to drink from her fabled cup of ambrosia which is said to bestow youth.

[top]Domain Holding Table

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Faelund
Faestadt, Dauren (3/4)CC (1)DW (3)CC (1)Fa (2)
Hoarladt, Dauren (1/8)-KT (1)-Fa (6)
Zilber, Dauren (1/8)-KT (1)CC (1)Fa (8)
Fa (9)*
Two Giant's Tread, Wierech (4/3)Ki (1)DW (4)CC (2)
MS (2)
Fa (2)
Ulbrun, Wierech (5/2)Ki (5)DW (3)CC (3)
MS (2)
Fa (1)
Abbreviations: Fa = Faelund (The Fae); CC= Colier Caernson (Dauren); DW= Darold Wohlkern (Sera's Perfekt Symmetry); KT = Kirche's Tundarr (Karl Tehbbach); Ki = Kiel Adler (Wierech); CC (Wierech)= Copper & Coke (Darlure Smoothface); MS = Moon Shine Sailors (Siele the Fisherman).
* The Fae's second Source (level 9) in Zilber is the caerbhaighlien of the Aereneh, a unique magical manifestation. The Fae is the guardian of this source but not the owner; thus she does not collect regency from it, but can utilize it for spellcasting.

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