Gautrakka clan

Kingdom: Hogunmark

Winter Province: Aldrud

Summer Province: Njorldar

Chief: Najlar (MRj; R12; NG)
The Gautrakka represent one of the most hardy and enduring of Rjurik tribes ? these northerners dwell along the broken, icy reaches of the Thaelasian Sea. Inhabiting the wind-ravaged wilderness of Roykenskapa in extreme northern Hogunmark, the Gautrakka make their living in the spring and summer by putting to the sea in small hide boats and hunting seals, walruses, narwhals, and small whales. They sometimes prey on the large whales that migrate through the region, but the Gautrakka are always careful to use all parts of any animal they take.
Brave, stoic, and quiet, these Rjurik endure the rigors of northern life without complaint. The Gautrakka are known to be insular, though their code of honor demands that they share shelter and food with any who needs it. Several unusual taboos govern the Gautrakka's daily life: They may never smile at outsiders; unmarried men and women may speak to each other only during meals; and no food may be consumed between the first light of dawn and the time the sun fully clears the horizon. These rules are sometimes confusing to outsiders, who risk offending the Gautrakka if they do not follow them.
During the coldest part of winter, the Gautrakka retire to the interior highlands where they construct ice shelters and live on food they gathered in summer. Gautrakka bards are busy and appreciated during this time, for songs and stories are the only entertainment available and the winter can last more than half the year.
Druids are always welcome in Gautrakka camps regardless of their origin, for even these wilderness-toughened priests rarely venture so far north. A few traders also deal with the Gautrakka, trading metal implements, harpoons, clothing, and foodstuffs for whale oil, carved walrus tusks, handcrafts and other products.

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