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Druid of Erik
Male Rjurik Druid 3
Head of the Green Brothers
CG Medium Humanoid

Plant turnips my lord, corn will freeze in the first frost, turnips will feed your cattle through winter.
Yes my lord, terracing is expensive, but if you wish to harvest anything on the hillside you need flat ground?
What abomination of Azrai is this? What could wrack the body of one of Erik's children so?


Lars is the head of a small temple of Erik - one of several attached to Sera's Perfekt Symmetry. His men advise the farmers on land usage and ensure that the farmers use the land properly and avoid waste. The druids first came to Danigau over three centuries ago, and have since increased food output by half while increasing the land set aside for woods, pasture and the like.

Lars does not mind that Sera's Perfekt Symmetry takes care of all political matters on behalf of his small church, he is concerned only with the use of the land and cares little for the matters of man. He is worried by freak weather lately; several minor nobles in Starkhundt have been ruined by snap frosts without apparent reason. The Baron, however, seems unconcerned, blaming the failures on poor husbandry - his own lands have been unaffected.

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