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City of Rzhlev
Feudal monarchy
Belinik (state religion), Ayairda

GB Income:
x GB (Province x GB; Law x GB; Trade x; Rent x GB; Tribute x GB)
RP Income:
32 RP (Province 9 RP; Law 23 RP)
x GB (Army x GB; Fortifications x GB; Court x GB; Ports and Shipyards x GB)
23 GB
x RP
Levies (x4), Irregulars (x2), Elite Infantry (x2), Varsk Riders (x2), Archers (x1), Artillerists (x1), Roundship (x1), Longship (x3), Keelboat (x2)


A once Brecht realm over-run and conquered by the Vos after the collapse of the disastrous Brecht League. Rzhlev alternately trades and raids its neighbors, and continually feuds with the pirates of the Zweilunds who see the bullied merchants of the realm as easy prey.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land















  • Allies: Cut off from other Vos realms, Rzhlev has few allies. Some say the Black Ice Traders (the pirates of Black Ice Bay), have an alliance with the Vos realm, and they may be right. Certainly, Colin Shaefpaete of the Zweilunds occasionally trades with Rzhlev, but he maintains no official alliance with them.

  • Enemies: Berhagen and Rzhlev clash often. Forays from the Vos realm meet resistance in the mountains between the two kingdoms, and even the Mountain Brigands of Berhagen fight the invaders. Grevesmühl also exhibits more than little hostility toward Rzhlev - though open warfare between the two realms has not existed for nearly a decade.

  • Special considerations: Rzhlev's tsarina is well into middle age, and she wants to make a name for herself as both a warlord and a wizard. She may begin ordering her Belevic to attack whatever realm seems most handy, even if it means a Vos expedition into the Mistmoor. Meanwhile, if Marisha begins running ley lines into any of her neighbor's realms, it could mean mass destruction for these unfortunate realms.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors


[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Rzhlev
Duarlavka (3/4)MR (3)BT (2)GS (3)Ts (4)
Edarlaskyy (4/3)MR (3)BT (2)GS (1)Ts (1)
-Ay (1)--
Evuarr (4/3)MR (1)Ay (2)GS (1)-
Feyulfsky (3/4)MR (3)BT (3)GS (2)Ts (3)
Lazzgrad (2/5)----
Molevof (4/3)MR (3)BT (2)GS (0)Ts (1)
-Ay (2)--
Nyurehy (3/4)MR (1)Ay (1)--
Nyurskyy (3/4)MR (1)Ay (2)--
Rzhlevskyy (5/2)MR (5)BT (4)GS (5)Ts (2)
Steppegrad (3/4)MR (3)BT (3)GS (3)Ts (3)
Abbreviations: MR - Marisha Rodelovisk (Tsarina of Rzhlev), BT - Belinik Tsarevic (Nikoli Brokeslav), Ay - Ayairdan Vierklevven (Ayairda's Cleansing Home), GS - Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy (Grovnikk Glössevik), Ts - Tsarina of Rzhlev

  • Law: Tsarina Marisha Rodelovisk rules all of Rzhlev like a kingdom under siege. Won from the Brecht people after the Battle of Lake Ladan nearly four hundred years ago, the only Vos kingdom bordering the Great Bay holds it own in enemy territory.
  • Temples: The Tsarina of Rzhlev "encourages" her people to follow the teachings of Belinik through her vassal Nikoli Brokeslav. She punishes those she finds worshiping at the scattered and secret churches of Ayairda. No known high priest exists in Ayairda's Cleansing Home, but its clerics wander the land preaching the value of beauty and love over war and death.
  • Guilds: No single guild ever controlled Rzhlev's internal trade before the renegade dwarf Grovnikk Glössevik came south out of Daikhar Zhigun with a band of exiled dwarves. Working with the tsarina and the remnants of the old guilds, they introduced advanced mining and metallurgical techniques to the Vos kingdom; the Vos kingdom introduced them to the idea of slave labor.
  • Sources: Marisha became a warrior to honor her father's wishes, she learned the ways of a wizard to increase her power. Despite her advanced level of experience with conventional magic, she has only rudimentary knowledge of realm magic and began creating source holdings recently.

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