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In the old tongue of the Andu, Sielwode simply means "faerie wood." This dark, brooding forest in the Eastern Marches is shunned by the folk of Anuire as well as travelers from Brechtür and Khinasi. It is no place for humans. Deep in the heart of the forest lies the Siellaghriod, where the Emerald Queen Isaelie rules a faerie court. Humans, however know little of this place, for the nature of this forest does not admit humans. Flitting faerie and lumbering treant alike disdain contact with humans and want only to drive them from the forest or lure them into danger.
Countless places are crossing points where beings of the Faerie realm cross into the daylight world to frolic and make merry. These beings know the results of human intrusion and will not allow the humans to destroy this place too. While the Aelvinnwode seems like a natural place of wonder, and even magic, the Sielwode is a place of menace and palpable foreboding. Some claim the land has awakened and learned hatred for mankind. Others argue this is the fey influence on the land, for it is undeniable that the faeries regard man as an enemy. These creatures draw the Seeming from their faerie realm to conceal bogs so that even wary travelers are engulfed before they know it. Thorn hedges rise up between trees blocking those who do not belong from passing through the wood. Flowers dangle from trees spraying poisons that induce slumber. Some never awake from this sleep.
Even so, the beauty of the forest is profound. Some glens are so touched by their connection to the faerie realm that a mere human would die at the sight of their captivating visage. Oak groves cluster around crystalline pools, while roses bloom on vines that wrap tree trunks.

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