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Mellisande Neblinger
F.Br. Noble 1, guilder 1. CN. Cha 15, Con 9, Dex 14, Int 10, Stn 8, Wis 8. Azrai, minor 6. None.

Quotes: Captain Alford! How dare you come here in such a state, the sight of blood quite makes me ill, pray cleanse yourself before bothering me with your news! Oh dear, a nosegay lest I faint Irma; the loutishness of the man?
Ignore them Aloise, they are 'common'

Mellisande was made Baroness after her brother was disgraced; she does her best to make sure he never embarrasses the family again by keeping him deep in the mountains on family business.

Mellisande is a weak Baroness and has been completely unable to kept order in the province aside from along the coast.. The mountains rarely feel a sheriff's footstep and Mellisande is unable to make the unimpressed militia men venture into the mountains.

Hans Neblinger
M.Br. Noble 2, thief 3. LE. Cha 14, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 19, Stn 12, Wis 16. Divested.

Quote: My men are the only surety that your goods will make Elisse's watch, why one can almost guarantee a bandit attack if you go alone and unarmed?
I will have vengeance for the wrongs done to me, I will see my disgracer unmasked and broken should it be the last thing I do.
I tell you Rudolf I am innocent, struck down by those who never accepted my family's weak bloodline as worthy of the realm! You know of such prejudice. Tell me is my plan not fair? Does it truly test your oaths? Yet it may win us the respect we crave - or the wealth to pursue our dreams elsewhere?

Hans, the disgraced former Baronet, was found to be embezzling taxes a year ago. Under a legal technicality at the time tax embezzlement was not considered theft in law and as a result Hans avoided a quick dip in the Krakennauricht, instead being punished merely by a steep fine. The Count, furious at the loss of taxes and 'minimal' punishment, forced Hans to invest his sister with his bloodline and she was made Baroness in his stead.

The irony is that Hans wasn't embezzling the taxes; if he had been the sly rogue would have made sure that the theft was undetectable, or at least blamed on someone else. Since his disgrace Hans has lost a great deal of weight, his multiple chins have vanished and his belly shrunk so much that he can once again see his toes without a mirror. Similarly he has foresworn most of his vices - alcohol, womanizing, and gluttony. This radical turnaround is not however from a desire to forswear his former ways and better himself but from a far stronger motive - the desire for brutal, bloody, vengeance.

Hans knows that his sister is far to dim to have framed him; he has sworn that whoever is responsible will suffer greatly, and that all the taxes they stole will be taken from their shattered body and used to fund a new life for Hans elsewhere in Brechtür (he has after all been punished for stealing it - so in his eyes he has 'earned' the right to enjoy it).

Currently Hans is building the various security forces of the miners into a single cohesive security force - most now work for him and are hired to the mines, the miners increasingly want security as the Count's men that venture in the mountains have often been found dead shortly afterwards. If Hans still had the family bloodline he could have welded the men into a proper force months ago, but without the innate leadership qualities of the blooded he must constantly prove himself.

In addition to building a private army under the guise of training local militia's, Hans is actively seeking a scion to commit bloodtheft on, his bloodline was weak but he still feels bereft by its loss - during one early drunken bout of melancholy he said "my soul is gnawed on by a myriad demons and the finest food tastes like ash on my tongue" and while he maintains an outwardly confident façade he feels the lack of his bloodline keenly.

Aloise Neblinger
F.Br. Magician 1, guilder 1. CG. Cha 18, Con 14, Dex 14, Int 17, Stn 8, Wis 14. Unblooded.

Quotes: A present? I love presents! And silk? You shouldn't have! Dinner? I'm free a week next Mierlen, what do you want to talk about?
Get away from me Kort, you lecherous drunken brute! Should I scream, a dozen men will tear you limb from limb and thank me for the privilege to provide assistance!

Aloise is the eldest daughter of Hans, just reaching her maturity (and still blind to the true impact of her adult looks) she spends much of her time running errands for her father and fighting those who disparage him. Aloise refuses to believe any wrong said of her 'daddy' and in some ways remains a child despite being 16 - more than old enough for marriage in Danigau. It is via Aloise that Hans was able to obtain funding for his various schemes; she was not included in the decree to strip him of his wealth and was delighted to be able to help him 'prove' himself again by lending him money.

Aloise's mother died in childbirth; as her father was only thirteen at the time, Aloise was brought up mostly by her grandfather with her father treated almost as a brother. By contrast Aloise did not get on with her aunt Mellisande at all, seeing Mellisande as a stuck-up snob for the older girl never allowed the young Aloise to touch any of Mellisande's fine dresses constantly decrying the younger girl as 'a nuisance and a bother!'
With regards people other than her father Aloise is an astute judge of character and she can see the profit margin on a deal as easily as she identifies last seasons cut on a dress. She is quite idealistic and her sunny disposition is, so it is said, the one thing she inherited from her mother. Aloise has thought long and hard about the family situation, and plans to ask the Count to allow her to succeed Mellisande in a few years; obviously Aloise will need to prove herself to the Count first and so Aloise is keen to find a group of tough, not too bright sell-swords in need of a good guilder in order to win some fame.

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