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Kingdom of Halskapa

decentralized feudal monarchy
Oaken Grove (State Religion)

textiles, precious metals, horses, and luxury goods
timber, fish, metal goods, artwork
GB Income:
RP Income:


Halskapa is a productive, prosperous realm specializing in metals, fishing, timber, and animal products. The people are honest and hardworking, and retain those values out of a strong sense of community survival. Individual greed is thought to put everyone at risk. Halskapans are acutely aware of what they have created and are careful not to allow it to be lost foolishly. The people are wary of wars, political ambitions, and quarreling. A central theme in the history of Halskapa, a theme dear to the hearts of the people, is organizing for the common good.

[top]Life and Society

Halskapa's climate is cold most of the year, with a short summer. The Sea of Storms lives up to its reputation on the waters and coasts of Halskapa. The high winds and driving storms that strike the country are known as the wailing wind.

The traditional clans are settled in winter, and nomadic in summer, returning to ancestoral hunting grounds to feed their families in the old style. Their leaders are usually bold, always confident, and are known to lead by example.

Those who are settled all year long are called the settlers. Many innovations in farming have come to the land, and the virtues are farming are becoming greater all the time

The traditional clans hold that the settlers have abandoned Erik, but the settlers reply that they hold his teachings all the dearer, because if they are not good to the land, they will starve. The druids say only that Erik loves all Rjurik who respect the land, while carefully choosing not to officially define "respect".

[top]Art and Crafts

Even as the guilders, called aaolfers among the Halskapans, fell into decline, the wealth of the country grew. Trade has declined without the aaolfers even as more is made, as things are better made, and innovations crowd the crafts with new ideas. Some advocate for a return of the aaolfer system to push Halskapa's economy forward and stimulate a renaissance such as that seen in Anuire or Khinasi.


Where the king once commanded loyalty from the seven jarls and their provinces, he now commands no one, and his reign continues on out of inertia and tradition. The king is old, weak, and increasingly irrational. Even Bervinig's most fervent apologists admit he has passed his prime and that the land is in want of a new ruler. Unfortunately, Bervinig failed to produce an heir to succeed him, and a great succession struggle brews beneath his dotage. The seven Great Jarls and many clan leaders all can put forth claims of decent, ability, and merit, but each is willing to fight for his claim and no agreement regarding succession seems likely. Given Bervinig's poor state of mind, even his voice would count for nothing in this dispute.

The law has slipped from Bervinnig's grasp and is now controlled almost entirely by the feuding jarls outside of the city of Skapa Hjarring which still answers to Bervinig - in his lucid moments.

[top]The Firbolgs

When the Rjuven first settled the Iron Cape, they did not find it empty. In addition to the elves and goblins, the land was also the home to a strange race of giants called "Firbolg" in both their own tongue and amongst the Rjuven. When Hjarring encountered this dying tribe, he forged an alliance that has stood the test of time. Today, the giants still occupy the highlands of Dvasviik, Helkstraad and the Siren's realm, staunch allies of the realm but fiercely protective of their own independence. Legally and socially, they are treated as a physically distinct nomadic tribe.

[top]The Land

The plains are lightly forested with pine trees. Foresting is limited to what the forest can afford to lose, and two trees are typically planted for every one cut. The hills have few trees and are home to many herds. The highlands are the home to the great iron mines, and Halskapa's main resource bed. These peaks are much more weathered than many mountain lands in Cerilia, and are far less treacherous. Of course they are still dangerous to those who lack skills for mountain travel.

[top]Aandvjor (1/4)

[top]Dalmsrhuud (2/5)

[top]Dvasviik (4/1)

The rugged highlands transition to the plains through the shepherd lands, unforested hills that are the home to year round herds.

[top]Odemark City

Odemark (Small City): Conventional; AL NG; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 615,000 gp; Population 5012 (human 96%, dwarf 2%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Rjanik of Dvasviik (NG male Rjurik druid 4), Jarl of Dvasviik.
Odemark is the great hilltop city of the druids, reputed to be the most beautiful city in the northern lands. Followers of Erik from as far away as Vosgaard make pilgrimages to the druidic circles that surround the city.

[top]Helkstraad (2/5)

The province of Helkstraad contain some of the tallest mountains in Halskapa. Kjessen of Helkstraad is Jarl. Fing Zjulor and Sriethien are the two major towns here.

[top]Selkhauske (2/5)

[top]Skapa Hjarring (4/3)

[top]Skapa Hjarring City

[top]Stjolvar (1/4)

[top]Taelrhud (2/3)


[top]Early History

When the Shadow drove the five tribes out of Aduria, the Rjuven took to their longboats and travelled the great salt road until they arrived in what is now Halskapa. Tired, weak, and in a strange land, the Rjuven clustered together for security.


[top]The Anuirean Millenium

[top]Five Centuries of Independence


[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Default Random Encounter Table

  • 1 Nomadic Hunters: one Ranger and two Warriors
  • 2 Bandit: bandits demand tolls
  • 3 Patrol: one Fighter and two Warriors
  • 4 Animal: deer, elk, or moose
  • 5 Traveler: various; druid, skald, merchant
  • 6 Special: rare encounters

Encounter detail (Halskapa)

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Halskapa
Aandvjor (1/4)Sk (1)GB (1)Sk (1)-
Dalmsrhuud (2/5)Kh (1)GB (1)Kh (2)-
Dvasviik (4/1)Rj (2)GB (2)Rj (2)-
DT (1)
Helkstraad (2/5)Kj (2)GB (2)Kj (2)-
Selkhauske (2/5)DW (1)GB (1)DW (2)-
Skapa Hjarring (4/3)Be (3)GB (2)Be (2)-
LN (1)WW (2)
Stjolvar (1/4)La (1)GB (1)LA (1)-
Taelrhud (2/3)Th (2)GB (2)Th (1)-
Abbreviations: Sk=Sketa of Aandvjor; Kh=Kahlor of Dalmsrhuud; Rj=Rjanik of Dvasviik; Kj=Kjessen of Helkstraad; DW=Dherg Wir of Selkhauske; Be=Bervinig of Halskapa; La=Laefr of Stjolvar; Th=Thaenjra of Taelrhud; GB=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); WW=White Witch; DT=Daffyd Tamaere (Peaceful Seas of Narikja); LN=Larra Nielems (Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie).

  • Law: The jarls are the law in their provinces, though their hold is not seccure.
  • Temples: The Oaken Grove of Erik is the exclusive temple in most places.
  • Guilds: The jarls control trade in their provinces, even more than the law.
  • Source: The sources are not controlled in Halskapa.

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