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RP Income:
48 RP (Province 15 RP; Law 11 RP; Sources 22)

9 GB
70 RP
Uvna Sarveklose (Silver Knights) (x2), Garask infantry (Elite infantry) (x2), Scouts (x1), Drakkar (x1), Longship (x1)


Status: Not available for player characters

[top]Life and Society

Carefully tended and seemingly at peace with nature, Zoloskaya's appearance belies its Vos heritage - at least, that's what the few outsiders who visit the land believe. While some wildness still exists, especially in the foothills of the eastern Vstaive Mountains, the realm seems too peaceful for a Vos land. The influence of Uvna Farzeb and the church of Lirovka have done wonders.
Since the return of Vore Lekiniskiy and Anatoli Skul, the western provinces of Zokoskaya have reverted, ever so slightly, to the wildness of old. In Dnepol, in fact, in a valley of the Vstaive Mountains, an armed camp has been set up by the vengeful Skul.
Uvna has several lieutenants known as the Slvenka Uvna ("Mages of the Moon"). At all times, two or three of them wander the land, checking Uvna's sources, while a few more guard the Silver Star keep in Polovtsiya.

[top]The Land




[top]Flora and Fauna










See Also: Days of Fire
After the Days of Fire, Uvna tried to influence the people of the realm toward her beliefs and the teachings of Aduras Vesk. She encouraged the worship of Lirovka over Belinik and Kriesha and discouraged contact with other Vos realms. Since most of the warriors and priests died during the Days of Fire, Uvna faced little opposition.
= Political =
Allies: Because of Zoloskaya's isolationist policies, it has no known allies.
Enemies: A few people believe the Raven, angered by the peace of Zoloskaya and perhaps a little concerned by Uvna's considerable power and fame, helped Anatoli Skul return to his homeland. If that is so, the awnshegh may use the would-be boyar as a distraction in his next invasion of Yeninskiy.
Army/Navy: Zoloskaya maintains only a token army and a small navy, relying on its regents' magical talents to protect its borders: 2 units of Uvna Sarveklose (Silver Knights), 2 units of Garask infantry (Elite infantry), 1 unit of scouts, 1 drakkar and 1 longship. Note: Unless completely surprised, no unit of Zoloskaya's troops will enter battle without backing of both wizard and priest battle spells (and, with enough warning, realm spells).
Provinces/Holdings: Two factions controlled all the provinces and holdings within Zoloskaya's borders until the "awakening" of the Dragon of Vstaive Peak. Remarkably, the two factions seem to get along well.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots


  • All popular legends concerning Uvna's age and nature are wrong. "Uvna", under a different name, bore Vorynn's standard at the battle of Mount Deismaar and stood by him when Vorynn died fighting Azrai. Charged with looking after the errant Vos, Uvna now directly serves the Silver Prince and has only recently managed to attempt a reconciliation between Vorynn's old champion and the Vos people. If this reconciliation has any chance of success, the priests of Belinik and Kriesha will be informed directly. Perhaps unbeknownst of the power they will face, war priests and winter witches may spur an invasion of Zoloskaya by their faithful, fearful followers. Even the power of god's herald may not be able to withstand a reuniting of the war tribes of the Vos.
  • Uvna comes from somewhere other than Cerilia. Could she be a descendant of the ancient Adurian Vos - and might tribes of that mystical people still survive in the lower continent? Or is there a far-removed tribe of Lirovka-worshiping, secretive Vos living somewhere in or near Vosgaard, hoping to overcome their people's warlike, superstitious ways before Azrai, or another evil god, attempts to destroy Cerilia again?


  • When Vore Lekiniskiy, the Dragon of Vstaive Peak, awoke from his long slumber, he stretched his magical powers and seized two source holdings in Zoloskaya. While Uvna Farzeb has nothing against the ancient dragon, she has sent emissaries to the beast in the hope of negotiating at least a nonaggression pact with the creature. Several volunteers among her own apprentices and the Waning Moon's acolytes made the trip toward Yeninskiy some months ago, but they never arrived. Anatoli Skul ambushed them as they crossed over the mountains and tortured them into revealing their mission. He then sent his operatives with a challenge for the dragon, but used Uvna's seal to legitimize it. The message commands Vore to remove his sources and fly to the very southern tip of the mountain chain or face Uvna's wrath. Obviously, Skul hopes to infuriate the dragon and provoke him into attacking Zoloskaya. It is possible, however, that someone might learn of Skul's deceit and either intercept these fraudulent emissaries or explain the situation to Vore Lekiniskiy.


  • The mother of the half-elf Karola Rhonskal did not come from the Aelwinnwode, Cwmb Bheinn, or Inishiere, but Tuar Annwn itself. As secretive and dangerous as any elf can be, she involved herself in the end of the Days of Fire for love of Karola's father - and come to regret her actions deeply upon his death. She returned to Tuar Annwn's secret forests soon after her husband perished, leaving her child to be raised by Uvna Farzeb, not caring that he raised her to become the high priest of a human deity. Karola's mother still lives in Tuar Annwn, and could be heard from again. Secret emisaries, or Karola's mother herself, may come looking for her daughter, perhaps to bring her safely to the elven realm for her protection. The high priest of Lirovka may wish to send her own emissaries to Tuar Annwn, to explain why she cannot abandon her faith even for her mother. If Karola decides to go herself, she will need escorts to ensure that she can again leave the forest safely.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Zoloskaya
Adoga (5/2)UF (3)GU (4)-UF (2)
Cherovnal (1/6)UF (1)--UF (2)
---VL (3)
Dnepol (1/6)UF (1)--UF (4)
---VL (2)
Levasta (3/4)UF (2)GU (1)-UF (3)
Nenza (3/4)UF (2)GU (1)-UF (2)
Sykvar (3/4)GU (2)GU (3)-UF (3)
Tgar (1/6)GU (1)GU (1)-UF (4)
---VL (2)
Tsupek (2/5)UF (2)--UF (4)
Abbreviations: UF = Uvna Farzeb (The Silver Servant); GU = Garask Ufslev (Waning Moon); VL = Vore Lekiniskiy (Dragon of Vstaive Peak).
  • Temples: The Waning Moon, one of Cerilia's few temples to Lirovka (Ruornil) wields overwhelming influence in Zoloskaya. Responsible for the end of the Days of Fire, the temple certainly saved the realm from becoming yet another war-torn Vos state.
  • Guilds: No organized trade takes place in the realm though trade is not expressly forbidden. Zoloskaya's secretive nature discourages trade with outsiders.
  • Sources: The Silver Servant controls most of the sources. The Dragon of Vstaive Peak has claimed a few western holdings, but emissaries from Zoloskaya have been sent to negotiate for their release.
  • Provinces: As mentioned, Uvna Farzeb rules all the provinces of Zoloskaya, but with a remarkably light hand.

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