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Anuire covers most of the south-western corner of Cerilia. Its regions and provinces were originally the basis of the Anuirean Empire. Its human population are now known as the Anuireans although in the years prior to Deismaar they were called the Andu.

Note: The Anuireans are loosely based on a mixture of the medieval British/French with a hint of the Romans. As such social class is very important in Anuirean society, most people will live and die in the social class to which they are born. Advancement (and regression) are however possible - anyone who becomes rich and powerful is likely to be inducted into the noble class, while a noble who becomes impoverished is likely to fall in social class unless they can trade their name for another's wealth (i.e. by marrying a rich adventurer).

[top]The Twelve Duchies

When Anuire was an Empire, the most important lands were the Twelve Duchies: Avanil, Boeruine, Mhoried, Diemed, Alamie, Osoerde, Aerenwe, Taeghas, Elinie, Cariele, Ghieste, and Bhalaene. All these lands still survive today, although Cariele has suffered in the expansion of Thurazor and the Five Peaks, while Ghieste and Bhalaene together became Ghoere after the Empire's fall.

A map of Anuire

[top]New Kingdoms

Many new domains have been formed since the death of Michael Roele. Tuornen split off from Alamie; Ghieste and Bhalaene were united as Ghoere; Medoere, Endier, and Ilien all declared independence from Diemed; and Roesone was carved out of Diemed and Aerenwe. Note that Talinie's current dynasty came to power only recently, but Talinie goes back well before the fall of the Empire. Some histories suggest that the current family held secular power in ages past and that the family was nearly destroyed, aside from a handful who had taken holy orders. However, many sages scoff at this as a typical myth woven by the Kings and Queens of Talinie to suggest a more ancient lineage than they truly hold.

[top]The Southern Coast

The Southern Coast is the most civilized area of Anuire, the south has been settled longer than the new gods have enjoyed their heavenly thrones. Few places here have escaped takeover by humankind. As the residents can attest, the area is full of excitement and sites of interest. Old castles hide a wealth of information about the Anuire of days past. The Straits of Aerele just to the south are home to the feared Seadrake, while the Spiderfell to the north houses another abomination. And places of mystery still remain: the Erebannien in Aerenwe as well as domains - such as Mieres -where dark secrets have rendered them all but lost to the rest of the land.

[top]The Western Coast

The Western Coast lays along the Miere Rhuann from the waters of the great bay called the Tael Firth down to the Straits of Aerele. On land it extends east to the Seamist Mountains. It looks like a wilder place than much of Anuire. More savage than the South, the West feels the lash of fierce storms off the Miere Rhuann (Sea of Storms). The locals, most of whom make their livings fishing and farming, regard the storms as divine tests of character and face the winds and waves with grim fortitude. Though Haelyn remains their patron deity, they also revere Cuiraécen and Nesirie.

[top]The Heartlands

The Heartlands is the most fertile area of Anuire. Kings have fought to control this region for centuries, so the Heartlands region has seen battles too numerous to count. Everyone still wants control of the area's resources, but many do not wield enough power and most can survive without the bounty of the Heart.

[top]The Northern Marches

The Northern Marches are the most dangerous and least civilised part of Anuire. This area is home to only two kingdoms from the old Empire, for the land seems hostile to civilisation. Dhoesone and Cariele lie nearly surrounded by inimical forces.

Dhoesone borders three non-human lands, as well as Stjordvik of the Rjurik. Cariele shares its borders with four non-human realms. Life in these lands is uncertain and nearly as brutal as in neighbouring Rjurik. The nobles and rulers here have little time to waste on pleasantries and pleasures. They must instead save their energies for the unceasing battles against enemies on all sides.

[top]The Eastern Marches

A traveller's first impression of the Eastern Marches is one of dampness. There is water everywhere, from the swamps of Osoerde to the rivers of Coeranys. Most who live here become bargemen or fisherfolk, though some farming and woodcutting goes on, too. The people act fairly civilised and relaxed and could become excellent politicians, so adept are they at hiding their true feelings. However, most have no desire to venture into politics they just want to live as they please.

[top]Other Anuirean areas

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