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Autocratic Monarchy

slaves, worked tools, mercenaries.
Grain, fish, ales.
GB Income:
37 GB (Province 31; Law 6 GB)
RP Income:
20 RP (Province 30 RP; Law 14 RP; Vassalage -24 RP)
TBA GB (Army TBA GB; Fortifications TBA GB; Court 5 GB; Vassalage ?)
15 GB
20 RP
2x dwarven crossbows, 4x goblin infantry, 2x goblin cavalry, 2x gnoll infantry, 1 orog infantry, 2x light cavalry, 2x scouts, 2 roundships, 1 galleon


Once Kiergard was, like Müden, the breadbasket of Brechtür. Now it is a colony of the Gorgon ruled by whichever Markgraf is appointed by the awnsheghlien. The native Brecht chose either willing servitude or were crushed into slavery; now the realm appears as much goblin and orog as human in many places. The rebellious Brand Mournsinger leads the rebellion against the Gorgon's domination, while the terrified Ownen Spakeheart prays that his master never learns how successful Brand has been to date, constantly belittling Brand's achievements to avoid punishment for his ongoing failure to crush the rebels. As the people rebel against the stony fist of the Gorgon so does the land - earthquakes abound in Kiergard and the frequency with which sources have recently moved or dried up forced the Gorgon to abandon his holdings, so only the Sayer of Coullabhie dares tap the mebhaighl of Kiergard now.

[top]Life and Society

For the crushed slaves, life is unending labour unrelieved by cheer, often ending in a brutal beating at the hands of an orog overseer. For the Brecht who chose to serve the Gorgon life is far more pleasant, if as terrified on occasion. The wealth of Kiergard is concentrated in a relatively small part of the population and Daum is notorious for its louche lifestyle and decadency.

[top]The Land

[top]Auchsward (4/2)

[top]Coullibaird (1/4)

[top]Daubreisch (5/2)

[top]Esmersdan (1/6)

[top]Faulfell (3/2)

[top]Gaurgonsbaet (2/5)

[top]Kierholme (3/2)

[top]Lausrüf (2/3)

[top]Meklsburg (4/3)

[top]Torinaur (5/2)


Kiergard, once a proud member of the Free League of Brechtur, fell to the Gorgon armies over 200 years ago.


  • Law: the Markgraf rules Kiergard as a puppet for the Gorgon. However, he may be replaced soon, because of the successes of Brand Mournsinger, an heir to the supposedly-destroyed royal house of Keirgard, has resurfaced in the Thuringode Forest and has begun a guerilla war against the realm's overlords.
  • Temple: The Fingers of Azrai comprise a cult of worshippers under the indirect control of the Hand of Azrai. The temple has a high priest and a central temple located in Daum.
  • Guilds:: The Slave Drivers are gnoll, orog, and human servants, all handpicked by the Gorgon. They control bands of slaves that work the fields of Kiergard and fish along the coast. Virtually all the food produced is shipped to Daum and then sent by ship to Fellport.
  • Sources: no wizard has dared to claim source in Kiergard since the Gorgon took control of the territory -- until recently. The Sayer of Cullabhie, for no know reason, has extended a ley line into Torinaur and built up a source holding. It is unlikely the Gorgon knows of his existence.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • The hidden treasure: it is rumored that the Markgraf has a special "retirement fund" composed of 10 GB, hidden somewhere in Meklsburg.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Kiergard
Auchsward (4/2)OS (3)FOA (1)SD (3)-
BM (0)
Coullibaird (1/4)OS (1)FOA (1)SD (1)CB (2)
Daubreisch (5/2)OS (5)FOA (5)SD (5)-
Esmersdan (1/6)OS (0)---
Faulfell (3/2)OS (2)FOA (1)SD (0)-
Gaurgonsbaet (2/5)OS (1)FOA (1)SD (1)-
Kierholme (3/2)OS (0)FOA (0)SD (2)-
Lausruf (2/3)OS (1)FOA (1)SD (1)-
Meklsburg (4/3)OS (4)FOA (0)SD (0)-
Torinaur (5/2)OS (2)-SD (1)CB (2)
BM (3)
Abbreviations: OS = Onwen Säkhaert (Kiergard); FOA = Fingers of Azrai; SD = Slave Drivers; BM = Brand Mournsigner (Kiergiyarden); CB = Camyrynnyd Bullahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie);

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