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The Taelshore is the oldest and most civilized region in the Rjurik Highlands. The Taelshore remains the image of Rjurik for most Cerilians, and is the part outsiders would be most likely to visit, though it's only a fraction of the Rjurik Highlands.





[top]The Land

The southwestern, coastal, Rjurik kingdoms of Halskapa, Svinik, Rjuvik, Stjordvik, and the Siren's realm form the region known as the Taelshore. Though these are the oldest and most civilized realms in Rjurik, the land remains wild and rugged. The people are settled in winter, but many leave for part of the year, and some are gone for all but the winter, back in the ancestral hunting grounds. Along the coasts, and near the several great towns, some Rjurik have settled into year round farming, gathering into villages for protection. The shoals of the Tael Firth yield rich harvests, especially during the spring. The fisherfolk of the coasts make their living plying these waters and selling the catch at one of the great towns.
Skapa Hjarring, Odemark, Leivika, Yvarre, and Hollingholmen area great towns engaged in trade across Cerilia surrounded by permanent and semi-permanent farmers and herders. The traditional Rjurik regard such permanent settlement, especially in the towns, as contemptible. They believe the inhabitants have turned their back on tradition and are soft and weak as well. Still, the traditional nomads engage in more and more trade all the time, and it is perhaps the effect the towns have on their own way of life that disgusts the nomads the most.

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