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Jankaping is a land influenced by both the traditional nomads of the north and the more modern realms of the south. More than any other Rjurik kingdom, the conflict between the old and new seems likely to tear this realm apart before too long.

[top]Life and Society

Separated from the traditional enemies of the Rjurik people, the problems facing Jankaping are political.

[top]The Land












Two disaffected jarls, Bjark Eorpwaldsson and Olam Cuthbjortsson, rejected their new regent's authority in those lands and assumed control of the law and province rulership in their provinces. They managed to convince several dozen families and a few entire clans to defect to their rulership, and King Alnor reacted by calling for a great feast in Stornomark. Most of the loyal jarls and clan leaders attended, and he surprised them by wishing both renegade jarls well, jesting that he'd see their followers in and around the city come winter.
King Alnor seems blind to the friction between the various Rjurik factions present in his realm. He looks on many of his own people even his own advisers and lieutenants as backward yokels who cannot learn from history or from the successes of other realms. If he must rule Jankaping, Alnor has decided, he will drag its people into the sixteenth century or die trying.
The king controls law in most provinces though he shares substantially with his jarls. In the north the rebel jarls Bjark and Olam hold sway and control some law enforcement. Agents of The White Witch are also active here, fostering dissent and opposition to the land's rightful ruler and his representatives.

[top]Important Figures

Alnor Arsgrisson, King of Jankaping

Bjark Eorpwaldsson, rebellious Jarl of Aaldvaar

Olam Cuthbjortsson, rebellious Jarl of Aaldnjor

Herrn Thorgrim Anhagasson, a cousin of the king

Thornul Sihtricsson, Jarl of Harlskaang

Jurik Ulfhedinsson, Jarl of Rjutaffel

Keljar Olfjorsson, Jarl of Jokkajoen

Umvar Umvarsson, Jarl of Froylaad

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

In Rjutaffel, rumors have spread of a new awnshegh who is said to resemble a statue of ice. The people of Rjuttaffel are calling him the Ice Fiend. It roams the land only on the coldest days of the winter to tear apart nomads' shelters and return once they have frozen to drag them back to its unknown lair. So far expeditions to slay the Ice Fiend have returned either empty-handed or not at all.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Jankaping
Aaldnjor (2/4)OCa (1)GS (2)OCa (2)-
WW (0)
Aaldvaar (2/5)Bj (1)GS (2)Bj (1)-
WW (0)WW (1)
Draaska (0/7)WW (0)GS (0)--
Froylaad (1/6)Um (1)GS (1)Um (1)-
Harlskaang (1/4)Al (1)GS (1)Al (1)-
Jokkajoen (1/4)Ke (1)GS (1)--
Jurva (4/1)Al (1)GB (2)Al (1)-
Da (1)Da (1)
Rjutaffel (0/7)Ju (0)GS (0)--
Stangajord (2/3)Al (1)GB (1)Al (1)-
Bo (1)GS (1)Bo (1)
Abbreviations: OCa = Olam Cuthbjortsson (Aaldnjor); WW = White Witch ; GS = Gretta Seligsdotter (Emerald Spiral); Bj = Bjark Eorpwaldsson; Um = Umvar; Al = Alnor Arsgrisson (Jankaping); Ke = Keliar; Da = Daalhar; GB = Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); Ju = Jurik; Bo = Bori;

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