Kjarhoelle clan

Kingdom: The Giantdowns

Winter Province: Trondelaag

Summer Province: Trondelaag

Chief: Tjorvaal Kjarhoelle (MRj; F16; CE)
Chief Tjorvaal

The Kjarhoelle are something of a rarity - a thoroughly wicked tribe of bandits and cutthroats with no concern to their land, their fellow tribesmen, or the cautionary teachings of Erik. Safe in their fastness in Trondelaag in the Giantdowns, the Kjarhoelle - under their ancient, scarred leader Tjorvaal (who must be carried into battle in a sedan specially made for him) - sally forth to raid neighboring lands such as the Blood Skull Barony, Dhoesone, and Tuarhievel. Only slightly better than the humanoid raiders who dwell in the downs, the Kjarhoelle are a special enemy of the Watch, which has on several occasions attempted to evict them from the twisting canyons and hilly country where they make both their summer and winter homes. Rumor has it that Tjorvaal has actually considered a formal alliance with the fearsome humanoid leader Ghuralli, who remains the scourge of the northern Downs and is hated and feared by all nearby Rjurik. Recent aggressive actions suggest that Chief Tjorvaal has ambitions to be King of the Giantdowns.

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