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Duchy of Brosengae

Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae


GB Income:
29.33 GB (Province 12 GB; Law 2 GB; Guild 15.33 GB)
RP Income:
41 RP (Province 12 RP; Law 6 RP; Guild 12 RP)
16.42 GB (Army 3.75 GB; Fortifications 2.67 GB; Court 10 GB)
22 GB
41'33 RP
Caer Brosen (Castle 4 in Bindier)


Brosengae is no longer the great duchy it once was, but the ruling house has long since turned to trade capture revenues to maintain the dignity of a dukedom.

[top]Life and Society

All the provinces in Brosengae are well settled throughout, though none of them can rival the Maesil valley. The land not covered in farms is graced by pine forests, where the woodcutters of the Brosen Royal Guild constantly ply their trade.
Of all the realms of the coastal lands, Brosengae receives the most rain and is buffeted by both the trade winds of Miere Rhuann and the Arnienbae. The great storms are broken up by nearby land, whether Baerghos Island, the Islien peninsula, or Mieres, but the bad weather seems drawn to Brosengae.
The two northern provinces fall prey to trolls roaming down from the Seamist Mountains. The country's ruler, Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae, has to devote a garrison of troops to protect her people, which can be a source of friction with here people. The taxes are burdensome and the troops themselves sometimes anger the locals. Occasionally, the Duchess attempts to improve her people's loyalty by sponsoring celebrations or festivals, but the people are cynical and view her patronage either as a duty or a blatant attempt to buy favor. The people here have acted the same way throughout her family's reign, so the Duchess is resigned to a cool relationship with her people. The people are surly at the best of times. The challenges of the weather to farming, the trolls to settlement, and other common hardships makes the people rebellious, and it may be that traditional revolts are the preferred pastime of the people.
Despite a population devoted to maritime trade, fishing, and craftsmanship, the Duchess, who is also Brosengae's sole guilder, remains hostile at worst and aloof at best to the temples of Nesirie and Sarimie. Its not so much the doctrines of the churches that bother her, although she has no use for doctrines, but rather the idea that the people, who should owe their obedience to her, and refuse, might submit to another power. As such, she is hostile to temples in general, as well as the law holdings controlled by Darien Avan, Prince of Avanil, or the suggestion that Harald Khorien, Count of Taeghas, should develop the realm's sources. Even so, Prince Darien holds half of the law, and Hyde Termonie's Temple of Fortune and Daffyd Tamaere's Peaceful Seas of Nesirie attract the faith of the people.

[top]The Land


Bindier is the heart of Brosengae and seat of the capital, also named Bindier. The province sustains itself with farming, the growing of summer grapes and of course trade, the lifeblood of Brosengae and the secret to the Mierelen wealth. As by far the most pleasant province of Brosengae, many of the Brosen nobles, including others from Avanil, Taeghas, Diemed and Mieres, maintain villas here for summer residence, although only the richest can afford stay all year round in large, well-appointed estates. The Duchess rules this province directly as Countess of Bindier, but it is said she is considering which of her advisers can be trusted to become her only Count with real power.
The city of Bindier is Brosengae's capital and numbers some 8,000 people, approximately one-quarter of the entire Brosen population. It is noted for its profusion of tailors and fashion houses, and it is said that in matters of courtly fashion, "so goes Brosengae, so goes the Empire". The Duchess' fortified palace, Caer Brosen, is the home of the Empire's largest standing court, with festivals and events happening nearly every day. More espionage and double-dealings are conducted in the castle's halls on a daily basis than almost anywhere else in Anuire.
Tempest Cape is a peaceful fishing town in the south of Bindier and, other than fish, is maintained almost entirely by the great estates of the various nobles living nearby. A great many merchants visit in hopes of selling to the wealthy elite and Tempest Cape flourishes due to this special attention.
Stormwatch Isle is the small roughly triangular island located off Bindier's western coast. The island's only temple, Stormwatch Abbey, is the spiritual heart of the faithful of Nesirie and the centre of a small but thriving village and many tiny outlying farms. Including the monks, approximately 1,000 people live here in relative peace and isolation. So named because it has the most changeable weather in all of Brosengae, the island is also home to a secluded laboratory maintained by Lord Malcolm Mierelen, the Duchess's uncle, chief adviser and one-time senator.


Coere is the major industrial centre of Brosengae, where the majority of the mines and associated industries are located. The province itself is even split between the mountainous stretches of the Seamists in the west and the flatter lands to the east. Coere is perhaps the most Avanese of the Brosen provinces and the Count's duties as ruler of the province are almost nominal, considering the extensive political power the Prince of Avanil holds in Coere.
Despite his relative lack of official duties, Lord Gareth Coere (MAn Nbl 3/Ftr 2; An, Minor, 22) is often kept busy fighting back the regular goblin incursions from the northern Seamist Mountains and keeping the peace between his squabbling twin children, his son Darlyn and his daughter Aspeth. The descendent of a long line of Coeran noblemen, Lord Gareth is a competent and devoted noble, who believes firmly in the divine right of the nobility to rule and the divine duty of the peasantry to serve.
Delvington is the largest town in western Coere, and is populated almost entirely by miners, metalworkers, merchants and their families. As a very wealthy town due to the gold deposits that are frequently mined, the town comes under regular assault from goblins and the Viscount of Delvington is nearly at his wits' end. The people are hardened by tough physical work and by the constant skirmishing, and have become a stern and uncompromising lot. The Temple of Fortune maintains a large church here and it is frequently well-attended.
Kaleyn is the heart of eastern Coere, where all the cattle-ranchers meet up and the farmers come to sell their produce. Although only a large town, Kaleyn also has its own viscount who handles the local administrative needs of the people and who is known to be a devout worshipper at the local church of Nesirie.


Marilen is the most rugged of Brosengae's provinces and the most removed from the culture and politics of southern Brosengae. In the east are the Seamist Mountains, where some small-scale mining and metalwork takes place, but the majority of the people are farmers and ranchers in the western plains. Also bereft of many of his legal duties with the Prince of Avanil having great control over the laws here, Lord Rogr Mierelen (MAn Nbl 4; An, Major, 33), Count of Marilen, is the last hold-over from the previous regime.
As the now-elderly cousin of the late Duke of Brosengae, Rogr Mierelen is also the nephew of the senile Duke whom the Duchess' father led an Avanese army against to become Maeric Mierelen, Duke of Brosengae. Although his family were all removed from power under her father's administration, the Duchess has won his grudging respect and support after restoring his family's fortunes and titles, in particular the rulership of the province that the Mierelens originally took their name from.
Cerwynn, like its Coeran sister town Kaleyn, is the farming capital of Marilen. Sheep and cattle are the most valued commodity here, with pastures and hills alike dotted with various livestock. Some small-scale logging goes on in the isolated woods of Marilen.
Northmoor is a quiet frontier town that, despite its sizeable population of some four and a half thousand people, is quite happy to be left to itself. Thick mists often roll in from the northern Straits of Aerele and sometimes linger for days, leading the Viscount of Northmoor to institute strict guidelines on travellers at these times, as well as funding the subsidising of fog-lamps for each person.


[top]Important Figures

Lady Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae and Countess of Bindier
Lord Maeric Mierelen, late Duke of Brosengae
Lord Gavin Mierelen, late Count of Bindier
Lord Rogr Mierelen, Count of Marilen
Lord Gareth Coere, Count of Coere
Lord Malcolm Mierelen, Lord of Stormwatch Isle
Elaenadaere Dhoelachnal, Lady Mierelen, Dowager Duchess of Brosengae: The Duchess' mother has long been an anomaly, all the more so considering that she is one of the mysterious and timeless Sidhelien. The Duke never explained to anyone how or why he met her or how events developed from there to allow an Elven lady to become Duchess-Consort of Brosengae. After the death of her husband, her daughter's succession to power and the impending majority of her eldest grandchild, she withdrew from court, first to Stormwatch Isle and then to parts unknown.
Lord Magnus Mierelen, Baron of Arnienbae: Born in 538 MR, Magnus Mierelen is the Duchess' first child and, now that he has almost achieved majority, has been declared her heir, although he has not been made Count of Bindier, as is traditional. His mother has retained that title for herself, reportedly to honour her late husband, and has instead created him Baron of Arnienbae, a brand new title with far less responsibility but even more prestige. Magnus is devoted to the ideals of chivalry, knightly behaviour and courtly love, traits that will serve him well when he emerges from the fires of youth as a tried and tested years to come.
Ruaridh Mierelen, Wizard of Brosengae: The Duchess' younger brother and their father's only son, Ruaridh was a wild-haired boy with a fey heart, who resisted attempts to turn him into an Anuirean gentleman, instead hungering after matters arcane, a subject Elaenadaere was only too happy to indulge. Now the golden-haired young man serves as Wizard of Brosengae, counselling his sister on magical matters and keeping a wary eye open in case of hostile wizard activity in the country.
Lady Siobhan Mierelen-Coere: The Duchess' sister and the youngest of the three, Siobhan was also clearly touched by the fey from a very early age, happy to walk barefooted through a muddy field or lose herself along the miles of Brosen coastline. A skilled songstress and talented musician, Siobhan's artistic abilities turn as many heads as her natural beauty does. She is a dignified noblewoman who knows that her duty is to her country, but she is also a fiery patron of the arts and a passionate defender of the common people and their welfare.
Sir Robert Mierelen-Coere, Champion of Brosengae: The husband of Lady Siobhan and Lord Gareth's younger brother, Sir Robert's duties as Champion of Brosengae are also largely nominal, though it grants his family additional prestige and allows him to work towards the greater glory of Brosengae. He has only ever had to draw steel in his mistress' defence once and, on that sole occasion, he acquitted himself with dignity and honour.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Brosengae
Bindier (4/1)EM (4)PSN (2)EM (4)-
Coere (4/3)EM (1)PSN (2)EM (4)-
DA (3)TOF (2)
Marilen (4/3)EM (1)TOF (2)EM (4)-
DA (3)
Abbreviations: EM = Eriene Mierelen (Brosengae) (Brosen Royal Guild); PSN = Peaceful Seas of Nesirie (Daffyd Tamaere); DA = Darien Avan (Avanil); TOF = Temple of Fortune (Hyde Termonie).

  • Law: To the dismay of Eriene Mierelen, Darien Avan holds half of the law here.
  • Temples: The sailors and merchants here support the temples of Nesirie and Sarimie.
  • Guilds: Eriene Mierelen's Brosen Royal Guild controls all trade here.
  • Source: Eriene Mierelen keeps the sources here uncontrolled.

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