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Canton of Pashacht

Merchantile Oligarchy


Not Recommended for PC use.
Pashacht undergoes a radical transformation every night into the Banshegh's domain. The mountains and forest transform from pleasant to darksome and dangerous in the span of a few minutes.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

A fertile land of hardworking people, Pashacht is composed of many small villages.
A pass through the Mountains of the Silent Watch creates a manageable route from Treustap, through Pashacht into Podenstahl.


Rheulgard was a colonial land during the days of the Free League of Brechtür. Explorers and military lords from Müden and elsewhere settled the forest as the elves withdrew to the heart of the Coulladaraight, Coullabhie.


The canton of Pashacht considers itself independent of Rheulgard under the rule of Justina Heulough, but Rheulgard regards the province in a state of rebellion and does not recognize Pashacht's withdrawal from the confederacy or Justina's rule there. Rheulgard has attempted several times to bring its rebellious canton to heel, but a dangerous awnshegh known as the Banshegh seems to protect the canton and has prevented suppression of the rebellion and the capture of Justina. This has led many in Rheulgard to speculate that the Banshegh actually controls Pashacht and that Justina is just a facade devised by that evil creature to fool her enemies.
Furthermore, Justina, was charmed by the Count of Müden, Richard Talbehr, and holds a great respect for his prospering realm. When she began spending a good deal of time in Müden in the exclusive
company of Richard, a not-so-secret alliance with the hereditary ruler of Müden was automatically assumed. This alliance has forced Rheulgard to temporize regarding Pashacht, since Müden is so formidable. Some in Rheulgard fear a marriage alliance may be close at hand between the two realms, permanently putting Pashacht beyond reach.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Pashacht
Pashacht (2/7)Ju (2)-Ju (2)GR (6)
Abbreviations: Ju=Justina Heulough (Pashacht); GR=Gastus Reigart

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