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The Chimaeron


GB Income
10 GB (Province 10 GB; Law 0 GB)
RP Income
45 RP (Province 10 RP; Source 35 RP)
GB Expenses
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
2 GB
Acc. Regency
16 RP


The lands rules by the Chimaera are called the Chimaeron. They extend from the Gulf of Coeranys to the dwarven realm of Baruk-Azhik. The land is mostly hills and mountains settled between rich waters. To the east is the war torn Brecht realm of Rohrmarch. to the west is the quiet but wary land of Coeranys. The Chimaeron is a refuge for Brechts fleeing the civil war in Rohrmarch and the opression of Kiergard, and for outlaws from both Khinasi and Anuirean homelands.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land


Once known as Dhafrane.


The Chimaeron is nominally ruled by the Chimaera, who holds the land and the sources, but the affairs of the people who live in the Chimaeron are administered by the Council of Leaders. This domain controls the law and guild holdings in the realm. It is an executive body established to carry out the will of the Chimaera and govern the realm. All of the Chimaera's officials know very little of her plans or policies, except what she reveals to them, usually through intermediaries.

In general, most officials in the Chimaeron are petty bureaucrats, or unscrupulous functionaries, neither inclined to be of any help to anyone. The purpose of the realm is two fold. First it protects the Chimaera while she conducts her bizarre work, and second, it allows the mad regent to maintain the pretense of a great duchy on the verge of claiming the Iron Throne.

[top]Plots and Rumours

Some claim that a temple of Nesirie and Cuiraécen exists somewhere in the high peaks.

There are claims that orogs live in the Iron Peaks that extend into Baruk-Azhik, but orogs are not seen by any locals, so its not known for sure.

Nearby every scoundrel with a death sentence whose where-abouts is unknown is rumored to have taken refuge in the Chimaeron.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Chimaeron
Barniere (1/4)CoL (1)--DK (4)
Careine (2/6)CoL (1)TI (1)CoL (2)DK (5)
Hamein (1/5)CoL (1)PU (1)CoL (1)TBM (4)
Lyssan (2/7)CoL (2)PU (1)CoL (2)DK (7)
Mhowe (2/4)CoL (2)TI (1)CoL (2)TBM (4)
Ruorkhe (1/6)CoL (1)-CoL (1)DK (6)
Salviene (1/5)CoL (1)--DK (5)
Abbreviations: DK=Danita Kusor (Chimaeron); CoL =Council of Leaders; TI=Tugaere Issimane (The Fortress); PU=Phisaid Uriene (Water's Blessing); TBM=Three Brothers Mages.

  • Law: The Chimaera lets the Council of Leaders manage the law holdings.
  • Temples: Hidden temples to Nesirie and Cuiraécen exist in the mountains.
  • Guilds: The Chimaera lets the Council of Leaders manage the guild holdings.
  • Source: The Chimaera controls most of the sources here, but the Three Brothers Mages make inroads into this domain.

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