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Morrinzavod’s early history is murky and incomplete, yet it is without a doubt one of the youngest nations in Vosgaard. The domain was forged after the schism created between the royal family of Velenoye, and the emerging of Tsarevo Blago Krasinski. Ambitious and determined after relentless efforts he managed to gain the support of the people of the four provinces that populate the domain of Morrinzavod today. After some short skirmishes with the law abiding boyars of the Ruszca Tsar family were not enough to stop the aspiring Tsarevo. At 1485 HC the Tsarevo Krasinski became Tsar of the new realm that he carved with his own hands, Morrinzavod.

Morrinzavod enjoyed two decades of peace and prosperity after the routing of the Karugul hordes, until court intrigues among the boyar houses of Reskovik, Katsky, and Lhotzky sparked a bitter struggle called the War of Knives. Many believe that the boyars were agitated by the power of the Tsar family of Velenoye but this never proved to be true. This inter-family war of assassination and revenge lasted for two years before the Boyar Draza Marnorin, intervened and ended it, placating the families with parcels of new land. Many believe that the young Boyar was intrigued by the beauty of Ziva Krasinski, sister of the new “Tsar” of Morrinzavod. Many are those who favor the scenario that the young Boyar was sent to secure the lands of Morrinzavod for Marnorin. Unfortunately, this conflict drastically weakened Morrinzavod, and they were unprepared for the invasion of the orogs some four years later at 1505 HC.

Unlike the Karugul goblin tribes, the orogs were not destroyers and raiders, but conquerors. In less than five years, the orogs and their human allies displaced many of Morrinzavod’s noble families, including the Marnorines themselves. Their shame would not last long, however. Stoyan Marnorin, eldest son of Draza, vowed to drive the orogs from Morrinzavod and rebuild his parents’ nation at all costs. After seven grueling years, Stoyan did just that, though his parents did not live to see the day. In their honor, he constructed the great castle of Hrad Nadez (The citadel of Hope) at the city of Morrinsorsk. Stoyan did wed later that year a young and aspiring priestess of Karesha, Tanya Volinin, an acolyte and devotee of the White Goddess. They lived together for 8 full years in the Citadel of Hope. He had two offsprings, a daughter, Anastazia and a son, Sazarin. During 1522 HC tragedy struck. On the day of the wedding of Draza’s son, assassins struck and murdered all the guests, as well as Draza and his son. The assassin, known as the Manticore was a guest of honor at the wedding and rumor has it that he was a servant of the Sun Goddess, Avanalae. It is believed that the Manticore wished to usurp the throne of Morrinzavod from the ruling Tsar’s line. Fortunately for the line of Draza Marnorin, Ramila Marnorin, the younger sister of Sazarin, was unable to attend the wedding, and thus the ruling family has lived on.

The Manticore in its rage freed the domain from the orogs’ iron grip, in the years since the wedding massacre, Morrinzavod has seemed dismal and stagnant, perhaps a result of the ruin that befell the land. The boyar heirs have become increasingly despotic, seizing control upon the people of Morrinzavod.

In 1565 HC a young apprentice son of Boyar Stane Sokolov appeared in Morrinzavod, and formed an allegiance with the Manticore that lasts to this very day. Y'urre Reskovik in the years following his apprearance has become a man of power in the domain. Y'urre ruled in the name of the beast taking direct orders from it and in the years to pass the toll on souls was heavy. The Manticore is still the ruler of the domain but Y'urre is trying to secretly remove the threat for the people of Morrinzavod.

This fan-created lore prequels the events detailed in Blood Enemies and the Tribes of the Heartless Wastes expansion by TSR.


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