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Would-be court mage of Blackgate

F.Elf; Sorcerer 3; CG. HP 3d4-3 = 7.

Cha 18, Con 8, Dex 16, Int 16, Str 10, Wis 14. Bloodline: Azrai, minor, 22. 1 minor ability: Heightened ability (intelligence)

Quote: I am no warrior, milord, nor a beggar or blackguard. Pay me properly for my services, and I assure you of my absolute loyalty.
What is this? Does some fool seek to steal the magic of Wiergau from under the Count?s nose? I must see him about this immediately ? mayhap he can investigate after dealing with the goblins. x.iv
This elven maid recently arrived at Blackruft and made the Count an intriguing offer: she would build up his source holdings for him in Hoklep, Starkhundt, Talhundt and in surrounding lands if he would sponsor her to do so. In return, he would permit her access to his knowledge of realm magic and she would keep some small source holdings outside Danigau. The Count was considering his response when he died. The offer sounded quite attractive as long as Niobhe could be trusted to hand the holdings to him in a few years.
For her part, Niobhe is being perfectly frank. A young sidhe, she sees the elven ability to cast magic as her race?s greatest strength, and their continued weakening as evidence that they need to change how they use it. She still shies away from necromantic magic, but she has learned several evocations and intends to learn more.
Niobhe is fascinated by dwarves, having never seen one before coming to Danigau. She is intrigued by their long perspective on life and has become well-known to the few dwarves of Blackgate. She has been encouraging Ilse Redbedtehr to consider speaking to the dwarves and hopes to see more of the mountain folk as a result.

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