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framed|The Arms of Ilse

Female Brecht Guilder 6; CR 6

Guildmistress of Burgundy Tolsted

Bloodline of Brenna, minor, 16

LN Medium Humanoid

HP 6d6 = 24.

Init , Senses Spot , Listen

Languages Low Brecht


Fort , Will, Ref




Base Atk , Grp

Abilities Cha 14, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 17, Str 9, Wis 10.



framed|Ilse Redbedtehr

Typical dialogue:

"Perhaps my brother will find his goods less welcome in Müden once they learn of his treatment of the fair Alberta Golbrag..."
"Perhaps this offer will win us Kvigmar?s favor, if not it should at least bring fair profit."
"Our favor wanes with the Count, mayhaps we should consider a spymaster to aid us in resolving what will come in future?"


Smart and attractive, Ilse Redbedtehr leads the miners, smelters and smiths of Danigau. She strictly enforces quality control and only her smiths have the right to apply the Danigau seal to ingots smelted and items crafted. Ilse has also organized the Danigau farmers, tanners and herdsmen into co-operatives to boost their efficiency.
Ilse is hard-working and polite but distant. She has had two great loves in her life, Pieter Vulfheim her childhood hero who died due to Volse Redbedtehr?s alleged incompetence in shipbuilding, and Erik Danig who consoled the desolate guilder after Pieter?s death before Erik?s marriage to Katherine (and some whisper after).
Ilse routine activities include trying to bring independent craftsmen under the care of the various co-operatives that she oversees, and trying to prevent her brother from ruining people?s lives with his price gouging. Aware that only she truly realizes how dangerous and evil her brother really is Ilse frequently tries to implicate him in wrong-doing whether he is guilty of it or not ? he certainly guilty of something and deserves whatever punishment he gets for the crimes she has him accused of.
Ilse is currently trying to expand into Kvigmar, and has a tentative alliance with Jarl Ulrich, she has supplied the jarl with crafted iron tools and weapons from her smiths in Blackruft, and foodstuffs she obtains from her brother in return for raw ore mined by Ulrich?s own people, lumber and furs. This is her most profitable trade route by far and Ilse often sends gifts to the Jarl to ensure his continued support.
Ilse has not yet created even a holding in Kvigmar, although she has long term agents in Kvigmarheim and Dhovjir who give her a minimal amount of influence. Ilse believes that if she can persuade the Jarl that she can be trusted ? perhaps by sending aid to help him against the Urga-Zai goblins, then he will let her expand into his realm.
Ilse is also active in Hjolvar with a trade route to Kopingdal where she has a similar arrangement to her arrangement with Kvigmar. Uldviik the jarl values Ilse?s knowledge of Rjurik customs; desperate for help against the goblins or Urga-Zai who constantly raid his land Uldvik has considered asking Ilse if the Count of Danigau would consider some sort of treaty against the goblins. Ilse has sponsored small outposts in Junfjor and Vaaltraand and if these grow, will likely come to control the mines in these provinces.
Ilse trades mainly with non-Brecht realms, she used to trade with Drachenward but the coasters she rented from the count that plied those routes were recently sunk by Grabentod pirates. Her brother Volse by contrast trades mainly with the well populated Brecht realms of the eastern basin and Grevesmühl.
Volse often insinuates that Ilse is not trustworthy because of her ?non-Brecht? inclinations; he was reluctant to openly accuse her of disloyalty given her strong relationship with the Count, but undermines her at every opportunity.
Ilse by contrast uses her wider connections to advise the Count on dealings with the Rjurik and Vos, she is one of the few merchants to dare trade with Rzhlev and does so through Josef Stahl, a huge mountain of a man whose loyalty to Ilse is mysterious but unshakable. The Vos respect Josef greatly, and see the appointment of the half Vos as a sign of respect by Ilse. Ilse is little known in most Brecht realms whereas Volse is a well respected guilder, but in Danigau Ilse is far more highly regarded ? the Count is quite capable of dealing with Müden and Berhagen without assistance but values first hand knowledge of Rjurik and Vos greatly.
Ilse often gifted money to the Count, not so much as proof of her loyalty as from genuine patriotism ? she would raise a military unit (say a ship of marines) should the Count and her purse allow it. Ilse also gifts gold to King Uldviik of Hjolvar and Jarl Ulrich of Kvigmar reasonably often to gain their favor, King Uldviik is particularly grateful due to the regular attacks by the goblins of Urga-Zai. Ilse would like to build her own ships but has not been permitted to do so by the Count who regrets being forced to grant Volse permission to build ships and would prefer he had sole control over so important an activity.
Ilse is currently smarting from the loss of several of her ships to pirates and has decided to seek revenge on them, she has spread rumors that she will be shipping a valuable cargo of fine tools and gems to Kvigmar, in truth the cargo will be a number of hired mercenaries ? the best that her money can buy. With luck the pirates will be slain and some indication of how her ships were found detected. Such is the secrecy of the real plan that less than a handful of her people know the truth of the mission including the captain and first mate of the ship itself.
Ilse has another plan closer to home, centering as with most of her plans around her brother Volse. Ilse believes she has found proof that Volse has forced several women to have abortions and bought or bullied their silence; abortions are illegal in Danigau ? more due the frequency with which they kill the mother than any specific teaching of Sera, but if Ilse can get one of Volse?s conquests to admit he forced her to abort Ilse could ruin Volse, even a credible accusation would damage Volse?s standing in polite society severely. Brigitta of Kantswach is a name Ilse?s agents have uncovered and she is seeking word of the forester?s whereabouts secretly but urgently.

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