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Debt collector, mercenary, and self-proclaimed dragonsbane.
M.Vos? Fighter 8; NE; HP 8d10+40= 90

Cha 6, Con 20, Dex 10, Int 8, Stn 20, Wis 6. Bloodline: None.

Equipment: Studded leather armor +3, Provides damage resistance 5 to fire and acid.

Quote: Hurr, a tough fight if yon potion fails, and near certain flight needed to avoid the Count?s wrath. Five thousand gold I will need, to hire me and those others needed for such a task. v.ii
I don?t care if you paid the other guy; you haven?t paid me. I?ll be nice about it, pay up or you can choose whether I break your legs or your face. x.ii
Grrr! Stuck up wench! Who does she think she is? I?ll teach her to respect a real man. Aye, and that prancing popinjay of hers too! xiii.ii
Hrr, looking for some easy cash? I?ve a little job I could use a hand with - if you aren't to fussy about rules and suchlike
This brutal-looking man is rumored to have orog ancestry and has the filthy temper to prove it. He proudly wears wyvern-hide armor from a beast he slew himself, and constantly searches for signs of the ?foul wyrm? he insists lairs in northern Danigau. When not searching for the Dragon, he makes a living acting as a debt collector, often for the Baron of Starkhundt - and as a mercenary bodyguard.

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