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Guild Rule
Sera (State Religion), Kirche

Clothing, grain, fruit, wine, worked goods
Copper, iron, gems, gold
GB Income:
? GB (Province ? GB; Law ?GB; Trade ?; Rent ? GB; Tribute ? GB)
RP Income:
34 RP (Province 29 RP; Law 21 RP)
? GB (Army ? GB; Fortifications 0 GB; Court ? GB; Ports and Shipyards ? GB)
96 GB
38 RP


Between Wierech and the Dauren Arm is the mountainous land of Dauren, the only realm in Cerilia to be shared so evenly between Dwarf and Human. Although one of the richest of the mining realms, Dauren remains a sparsely populated and relatively uncivilized domain. The mountains protect the country from the shadow of the Gorgon's Crown, to the west, but the threat exists.

Dauren is believed to be under the protection of the mysterious creature known as The Fae.

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Note: The Havens of the Great Bay expansion rulebook mistakenly reports Dauren's guilds as part of the Copper & Coke guild from Wierech. In fact, all guild holdings in Dauren belong to Colier.

Domain Table: Dauren
Bugbear's Watch (3/4)CC (3)DW (3)CC (3)-
Cornelius' Landing (3/4)CC (3)DW (2)CC (2)-
Daurengate (3/4)CC (2)DW (2)CC (3)-
Faestadt (3/4)CC (1)DW (3)CC (1)Fa (?)
Garten Pass (3/4)CC (3)DW (2)CC (3)-
Gorgon's Claw (1/8)--CC (1)-
Hoarladt (1/8)-KT (1)-Fa (?)
Zilber (1/8)-KT (1)CC (1)Fa (?)
Abbreviations: CC = Colier Caernson (Dauren); DW = Darold Wohlkern (Sera's Perfekt Symmetry); Fa = The Fae (Faelund), KT = Karl Tehbbach (Kirche's Tundarr).

  • Law: Colier Caernson rules the mining community alone. The dwarven communities, however, are on their own.
  • Temples: Sera's Perfekt Symmetry is the state religion, however Kirche's Tundarr is the militant order protecting the mountains.
  • Guilds: Inpras Silhoubra, Colier's guild, rules both as a trading guild and a syndicate.
  • Source: Only the Fae is (rumored to be) present here.

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