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Sources are a kind of holding that constitute part of a source domain. They are very different to other domains in that they draw power not from people but from the power of the natural world, and measure wealth not in gold or land, but in the budding leaves on the trees and the wild winds of the mountains. This power is called mebhaighl in elven and is also known as such to most mages. Some dark mages are believed to manipulate awnmebhaighl, the sorcery of the Shadow World in a similar manner to mebhaighl; however this is not credibly reported in Cerilia, except perhaps in such fell places as silent Sideath or the fell Battle Fens of Vosgaard.

[top]Assets of a source holder

Source holdings may include assets like great groves of trees, crystalline caves, foaming waterfalls, on occasion a source holder may build a tower over or near a particularly rich source of mebhaighl but in the main a powerful source holding seems like nothing more than a rich forest, grim mire, or defiant mountain to the unaware. An asset often created by a source holder is a Ley Line, this mystical 'river' carried mebhaighl from one place to another, allowing the wizard to tap the might of a powerful source even if in another province.


Provinces with large amounts of mebhaighl possess source manifestations - a physical mark that symbolizes the source; manifestations include misty valleys, ancient trees, stark crags, mountain peaks and the like that are more than simple natural phenomenon. Manifestations are resistant to natural damage, regenerate swiftly if damaged. Magical beings and wizards are likely to be drawn to such locations.

Although a manifestation represents a pooling of mebhaighl, the mebhaighl does not pool deeply enough to allow the casting of realm spells, or the formation of a ley line naturally - such a source must be nurtured and shaped by a wizard. The wizard remains tied to the source and tends to feel damage to the manifestation. A few rare cases exist were the magic does run deep enough for domain spells to be cast, known as Caerbhaighlien these ancient sources cannot be claimed or corrupted. Any mage can tap their power to cast domain spells. Mages have said sometimes however that they feel that in these mystical places the magic is casting through them, rather than them summoning the power of their own will.

[top]Maximum source rating

The maximum source rating of a province is determined by the quantity of plant life, proximity to the great wells of mebhaighl deep within Aebrynis, and the disruption to the natural flow of mebhaighl caused by concentrations of sentient life and in particular permanent concentrations of people such as villages and towns, the flow is also swayed by roads, bridges, large walls, wells and other constructions. As a result any race which uses such constructions reduces the source potential of a province. Elves, being better attuned to mebhaighl than no other race, structure their dwellings and structures (to the limited extent that they have any) to blend in to the natural flows of mebhaighl and as such do not reduce the source potential of a province.

The maximum source rating of a province may be higher than usual if the province contains substantial underground caverns or rivers, magical ruins, the grave or dwelling of some mystical beast such as a dragon, a permanent portal to the Shadow World, etc.

[top]Renewing source ratings

When the population of a province reduces, the mebhaighl does not instantly return. If the structures of civilization remain, the source rating increases by one every twenty years until the new maximum source rating is reached. If all marks of civilization are eradicated (i.e. the population is pillaged to below level zero) then the source holding renews every five years in the spring.

[top]Staff of a source holding

Typical staff, such as a source has any, includes foresters, woodsmen, perhaps a factor to market the rare herbs and minerals gathered and the like.

Aside from the wizard/sorcerer who controls the source; the staff may include apprentices, rangers, guilders (to market the produce of more powerful sources) and the like.

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